Bingo has been played for centuries and is now also available online. The term “bingo” originated in Italy, as did the game. Families liked to play it in the run-up to Christmas. At that time, the big events did not yet exist. The numbers were drawn from a small bag and matched with the card. Over the many years it has become more and more widespread. It is no longer only found in close family circles. There are now large events. It is often played at charity events. Then the profits go to a charitable organisation or association.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, you can also play bingo online, which has many advantages. You can play at any time and don’t have to wait until a certain date. You can also play for very low stakes. And the best part is that you can start playing from anywhere. Whether you are at home or on the road, online casinos always offer you full access to their selection.

Bingo rules simply explained

Bingo is a game of chance that brings a lot of fun and excitement at the same time. The rules are simple and not really complicated. You pick one or more playing cards for each game. A selection of numbers (e.g. 25 in 75 Ball Bingo) is shown on a card. In most cases these days there is a big drum with balls in it with the numbers on them. One of the balls is drawn and the number on it is announced. If the number is on your own ticket, you mark it. The aim is to have a combination of numbers on the card that form a mostly horizontal line. As soon as you have reached a winning combination, you call “Bingo” and receive the designated prize.

Play several bingo playing cards at the same time

To play bingo, you must purchase at least one playing card. The playing cards of a bingo variant always show the same number of numbers. However, you will find them in different arrangements and with different numbers. A single playing card costs between a few cents and hundreds of euros. This depends on the value of the prizes, which can vary greatly.

If you have already played the game a few times, then you can try your hand at several cards. For advanced players, one card is often not enough. You increase your chances of winning and have more action at the same time. Because you have to keep an eye on all the cards for every number you draw.

Different Bingo variations

The two most common and played bingo variants are 75 ball and 90 ball bingo. The number of different numbers on the balls give the games their name. Accordingly, there are either 75 or 90 balls in the drum that can be drawn. Logically, a round of 75 Ball Bingo is over more quickly because there are fewer numbers to choose from. A complete bingo is quickly put together by one of the participants.

The bingo game with the 75 balls is especially widespread in the USA and can therefore be found much more frequently on the Internet. The card consists of a grid of five by five squares and contains 25 numbers.

The 90 ball bingo, on the other hand, is very common in Europe. A playing card is 3 squares high and 9 squares wide. Five numbers are shown on each row. So you play with a total of 15 numbers on your ticket.

Patterns and winning series in bingo

Usually, you win in bingo if you are the first to complete a horizontal row on your card in the respective game round. However, there are also different variations of this rule. Depending on the provider, you can win an additional prize if you are the first to complete two rows. And then there is the Full House, also called Blackout or Full Card. You have this combination if all the numbers on your playing card are covered. Online casinos often offer jackpots at bingo. For example, you have to cover all the fields with a maximum of 50 balls. You can find out the exact playing conditions for the jackpot from the provider. Always inform yourself in advance, as the rules can vary greatly. Also pay attention to whether it is a progressive jackpot that keeps increasing or whether a fixed jackpot amount is offered.

If you decide to play with several cards, many recommend paying attention to the numbers. This means that you can choose many similar numbers or completely different numbers. This assumes that you can choose the playing cards yourself. There is no evidence that it makes any difference, but some are firmly convinced that it does. Opinions differ widely, however. Some say the numbers should be as different as possible to give you a better chance. Others say the numbers should be similar, that only the small differences make the difference. In the end, the numbers are drawn at random and no one can tell you if you will win.

Play bingo online

As already mentioned at the beginning, you can now play bingo in many online casinos. The providers have recognised the entertainment value in the games and offer them alongside the classic table games and slot machines. You can play the games for free in a demo version to try them out or for real money. You don’t have to install any software, just log in directly in the browser and start playing. It’s worth giving this fun a try.

If you decide to play on the internet, you can benefit from many advantages. For one thing, they are available around the clock and you can decide to play a round at any time. Furthermore, they are always selectable via mobile casinos and from home. And last but not least, you can benefit from many special offers and bonuses. Bingo providers often offer new customers an interesting deposit bonus when you play for real money. You should always take a close look at the welcome package, as sometimes free spins are waiting. But loyal customers are also rewarded with changing promotions. You will always find the best offers here.

Bingo Strategies and Tricks

Bingo is a pure game of chance. It is difficult to speak of a real bingo strategy. The numbers are drawn at random and cannot be influenced. And since each player has the same number of squares on their bingo cards, the probability of winning is the same for each player. Thus, mathematically speaking, the expected value per euro wagered is also exactly the same. Nevertheless, there are various strategies and tricks that you can use to get the most out of the bingo game. You can increase your chances of winning and hope for one of the main prizes.

Increase your chances of winning at bingo

The more playing cards you play at the same time, the more likely you are to win. However, your stake increases in the same proportion. Assuming 12 players take part in a round of bingo and there are 20 playing cards in total. Then you have a probability of winning with one card of 1/20 = 5%. If you play with three cards at the same time, the chance of winning is 3/20 = 15%. So with three cards you have three times the chance of winning. However, you have to remember that you also have to bet three times more money.

It doesn’t matter if you play a round of Bingo with three cards. Three rounds of bingo with one card each will give you the same chance of winning. You have to make that decision for yourself. Entertainment comes first, so you can play longer with only one card at a time for the same total stake. If you want more excitement, then several cards per round are more exciting.

Stake per bingo card

You can place different bets on the individual bingo cards. This begs the question of what makes more sense. It is better to buy 4 cards at 25 cents each or one card at one euro. In the end, you have to decide for yourself. Because it is the same principle as the chances of winning with several cards at the same time. Multiple cards increase the chance of winning bingo. Whereas with only one card and a higher stake, the winning amount would also be significantly higher.

Bingo players

The fewer participants there are in a game round, the higher the chance that your game card will win. One strategy can therefore be to participate in games with as few players as possible. But then pay attention to whether the winnings result from the sales of the bingo cards or whether there is a fixed main prize. Otherwise, there will only be a small prize and it won’t be worth it. Outside the internet, of course, you cannot influence the number of players. Online, however, you can look around at the different games. In the end, you have to decide whether you think such a strategy is necessary or whether it’s all about the fun. Because with many others, the entertainment is just as great. The suspense of whether you will win is even greater.