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About Us

We at are a young international team. We report to you independently about the many entertainment possibilities of online casinos. We all have a longstanding gambling background. In addition to our experience, we also bring in our personal enthusiasm for many of the games. Our goal is to present you with the most important information in a compact and clear manner. We would like to offer you a decision-making aid when you are looking for a new online casino. If you decide to gamble for the first time, we will make it as easy as possible for you to get started with our information. With our guide, we share useful advice and interesting facts about the world of gambling. Not only newcomers but also experienced gamblers will find exciting information here.

Before we recommend a game or an online casino to you on, we personally test it. We have standardised criteria that we use to evaluate. This way we can ensure that every test and therefore the results are comparable. However, you should not forget that your opinion always counts when making a decision. Therefore, always pay attention to your feelings and whether you feel comfortable on a selected site. If it doesn’t suit your taste, another recommendation from us might be more suitable for you.

In addition, you will always find the latest information on new games that are just coming onto the market. We often get to test them in advance and share the anticipation of the release with you. Of course, we also have the well-known classics on our site. Many of us have our favourite games among them and it is impossible to imagine online casinos without them anyway. The selection of games is becoming more and more extensive and so is the variety of bonus offers. We regularly present the latest bonus offers of the online casinos. This will save you time and you will find all the information about the different providers at a glance. is not just a website for us. We do our best every day and on all pages you will find:  

  • Comprehensive information: We want to help you with detailed information. No matter if you are a newcomer or already have experience, we provide you with everything you need to know in a clear and up-to-date manner.
  • Our own experience: The online casinos and games on are always tested by ourselves and subjected to careful scrutiny. This is the only way we can share our personal experience with you.
  • Assistance with problems: If you have problems with a provider that is listed with us, then get in touch. If you tell us about it, we will gladly try to mediate. We will contact the online casino directly and help you find a solution.

Gambling is for entertainment!

Responsible gaming behaviour is very important to us. Therefore, please always be aware that any form of gambling is for entertainment purposes. Chance decides whether you win or lose. Therefore, it is not a safe source of income. You should never assume that you will win, but that you can lose your bet. Always bet only until a limit so that you can cope with a loss. Make sure you set your own limits and stick to them. Be aware of the risk and protect yourself from gambling addiction by regularly monitoring your gambling behaviour. If you notice the first signs of a change, we recommend that you seek help in time. You can also find more information on the topic of responsible gambling in online casinos on our website.

Meet our team

Amy (UK)
Amy is our little sunshine and responsible for the United Kingdom. She used to play bingo with her grandma. It was firmly on their entertainment program every saturday. She has been interested in gambling ever since. Amy is also very knowledgeable about all other games. When it comes to online casinos, no one can fool her in a hurry.

Nils (Germany)
Nils is our expert for the German market. He had only planned a short excursion into the world of slots. But has remained faithful to gambling to this day. He originally started in customer support at an online casino. This gave him a good overview of all the topics. When he’s not at the gym, he also likes to play video slots himself.

Erik (Sweden)
Erik takes care of the Swedish market. He took his first steps in the industry in his hometown. He worked for a long time in Stockholm for one of the big slot developers. Therefore, he knows the market and all the brands very well. He himself prefers to play the classic slots. He is simply taken with the nostalgia of slot machines.