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A relatively new bonus that has become popular in recent years is the cashback bonus. Unlike any other bonus, you have to lose first to get something credited to your account. Basically, it’s a way of making up for your losses. If you play and don’t get lucky, it will refund you a part of your stake. This gives you another chance to win at the games. This means that the entertainment does not end for you as soon as your credit balance is used up. However, you must use the bonus to play and cannot withdraw it.

Many of the well-known online casinos now have a cashback bonus for you. You can play and if you lose, you get a proportion of your stake back on your account. The bonus is available either as a promotion or often for a certain period of time. You cannot get it several times a day. Usually, the net losses of a week are used as a benchmark. Depending on the amount of your lost bets, you will be reimbursed a certain percentage. There is usually a sliding scale so that each player benefits differently. The more you bet, the higher the refunds. The loss when gambling is thus somewhat absorbed. To have fun is the main thing about gambling. With the additional credit, you can experience more entertainment at the slots. If you make winnings with it, you must observe the bonus conditions. As with all other bonus offers, there is a wagering requirement. This is often lower than normal. Nevertheless, you can only withdraw your winnings and profit from them after you have reached the wagering limit.