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Reload Bonus

If you want to play at the online casino, you have to regularly top up the credit on your customer account. Ideally, you will also be rewarded for your deposit. While you are guaranteed the first deposit top-up through the welcome bonus, you often get even more. The reload bonus for a deposit is widespread. It is one of the most popular and most common bonuses in gambling. You usually don’t get a fixed bonus amount. The free bonus credit you get is a percentage of your deposit.

To use a reload bonus, you always have to make a deposit. Without a deposit, your bonus amount cannot be calculated. The bonus is fair, because the more you deposit, the higher the free credit you get in addition. But you can’t deposit as much as you want, because there is a maximum amount. If you exceed this limit, everything above it will no longer be rewarded with a bonus. It is always best to find out in advance how much you can deposit in order to secure the bonus. You can play with the credit as if it were real money. You have the same chances of winning as with your general credit. If you win, you have to fulfill the wagering conditions. You cannot pay out all the money immediately. The money is only released after you have fulfilled the wagering. Then you can dispose of it as you wish. You only have to decide whether you want to pay it out. Alternatively, you can simply continue to play with it and save yourself a new top-up of the credit. Many rounds of fun await you in this case.