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Blacklisted Casinos

Gambling has become a popular pastime on the internet and the range of different platforms is growing daily. The money you play with there is real money. Unfortunately, this also leads to dubious providers being attracted to it. The black sheep of the industry do not offer fair play and, above all, you have no real chance of winning. On our site, we therefore always mention how you can recognise a reputable casino provider. We test all casinos before recommending them and are happy to do the same for new providers if you send them to us.

Since there are always players who have negative experiences, we have a casino blacklist. The online casinos that violate the rules are listed there. The clear recommendation is not to deposit any money there and not to play. Why they end up on the blacklist can have various reasons. We have summarized the individual points for you here.

Of course, you can also find the blacklist from us here. Because we don’t just want to present you with the best sites. We also want to warn you about dubious online casinos so you will only experience fun and entertainment. Because everyone can certainly do without fraud and negative experiences in a bad casino.

Blacklisted Casinos

Criteria for the blacklist

There is not just one reason why an online casino ends up on the blacklist. There are various points, some of which we have compiled. We want to explain to you why an online casino is classified as dubious. In most cases, you can probably already imagine that criminal energies are behind it. We have heard stories of accounts being closed for no reason after a win. We take warnings from other players seriously and follow them up.

Missing licence

A license is always the first indication of a serious provider. While there were hardly any licensing authorities in the past, many markets are regulated today. If you want to register with a casino, you should therefore always check the license. Don’t just rely on it if it’s on the site. Each license has a unique license number that can be checked with the relevant authority. Dubious sites also copy the license number of other casinos and hope for gullible customers. Therefore, it is always advisable to check whether the number really matches the casino. If an online casino gives a fake license or has none at all, you should not play there. Then they do not meet any of the specified standards and are not checked regularly.

Fake or manipulated slots

The software manufacturers of the slots are usually always a sign of respectability. But if you notice that the games look different or work differently from what you are used to, then you have to watch out. They may be fake slots. There are now scammers who clone well-known games or even just have a filmed version on their site. Therefore, the result is always known before and there is no profit for you. A reputable casino always uses the random number generator and the slot comes directly from the server of the software developers. Therefore, manipulating real slots is not possible and pure chance determines the winner.

No payout of winnings

The dubious online casinos only want to make money and of course do not want to pay you any money. If you win a game, you have to wait a long time for the payout. They try to slow down the process with stalling tactics. This is done in the hope that you will gamble away your winnings and they won’t have to pay you anything. By the way, this should not be confused with the fact that verification has to take place. Of course, this can always take some time. That’s why you should take the precaution of completing it immediately after registering.

Account blocking with no reason

Particularly dubious sites not only refuse to pay you out, they also block your account. Especially after high winnings, you can no longer get your money this way. Blocking your account means you can no longer log in or access any of your data. Therefore, your winnings can be canceled without any problems. You can no longer prove your winnings because you cannot access the game history. Often there is a flimsy reason that you have violated some bonus conditions or general terms and conditions. If something like this happens to you, you have little chance of claiming your winnings and getting paid.

Unfair bonus offers

If you notice an online casino with bonus offers that exceed any other bonus many times over, you have to be careful. What sounds like a great deal at first turns out to be unfair. The bonus conditions are often so utopian that they cannot be fulfilled. This means you can’t even manage to release the winnings and your credit expires. The casino is even right because you have agreed to the bonus conditions. Other dubious casinos even offer a bonus to attract new customers that does not exist. After making a deposit, you cannot withdraw your real money until you have wagered it at least once.

No customer service

One of the most important items in the online casino is clearly the customer support. You can contact them at any time with questions and problems. You should be skeptical if there is no live chat or contact possibility. The dubious sites sometimes ignore a request and simply do not answer. This would never happen with a good provider. Bad customer service that is rude and does not want to help you is also critical. Of course, there are always issues that cannot be answered immediately, but then you will be referred to a manager. Usually you will get an answer or at least more information the next day.

Poor data protection

One of the most important issues in the online casino is security. Data protection should always be of the highest standard. You deposit sensitive data with the casinos, including your personal details. Always look for good encryption, because dubious sites don’t offer that. They also don’t offer you any security when it comes to payment transactions. And if you give your payment details, they should be kept safe. Otherwise, there is always the risk that your data will be hacked and used for other purposes.

Rogue advertising

If you receive regular spam from an online casino, then this is a serious form of advertising. A good provider will also send you advertising and bonus offers, but in a manageable amount. If you receive emails or messages on your smartphone several times a day, this is dubious. Then the casino is trying to push you to play, and a reputable online casino doesn’t need to do so. This also applies if you have the feeling that the casino has passed on your data. A dubious provider could have passed on your data so you also receive more advertising from others.