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Different types of sports betting at a glance

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Sports betting and odds

Sports betting on the internet is not as simple as it seems at first. That is, there are different variations and some are simpler while others are more complicated. Before you make your first sports bet, you should know what to expect. With this guide, we will explain different types of bets. Then you can decide which one you want to try. We have other guides for you to learn more about sports betting and odds. This way you are well informed and can start with a lot of background knowledge. Besides, it’s more fun when you understand what happens when you bet.

Start with different sports bets

To start with, you should first try a single bet. This will give you a feel for betting on sporting events. Then you can slowly try combination bets and system bets. You should save the special bets for later. With time, you will get the right feeling for sports betting. Afterwards you can try different strategies. Because there are many players who rely on their strategy. They only play according to a pattern and hope for greater chances of winning.

Single bet on the Internet

This is the classic system. You bet on a selected match between two teams. You decide on a win for the home team, a draw or a win for the visiting team. The odds are fixed in advance and are not variable. For different matches, they vary according to the expected result. With a single bet, you bet only on the outcome of the match.


Home team – Visiting team

1 (1.5)   0 (3.5)   2 (5.0)

The individual options are represented by numbers. The 1 stands for a win by the home team. Whereas 0 stands for a draw and 2 for a win by the visiting team. As a rule, the weaker team has the highest odds. In the example we have chosen, this would be the visiting team. If they win unexpectedly, a bigger profit is waiting for them. You achieve the highest odds (here: 5.0) and thus the best net profit. The odds are rather low and the risk is significantly higher.

Some betting providers limit single bets to certain games. Often, combination bets with a certain number of games are prescribed. Then you have to bet on several games at the same time. Pure single bets are then rather rare.

Combination bets in the online casino

Many online casinos offer betting options. But there are also bookmakers who concentrate purely on sports betting and no other games. You have to decide where you feel more comfortable and want to play. So-called combination bets include several individual bets at once. There are several games on the virtual betting slip at the same time. The minimum number of games is usually three, while the total number of games is variable.

The odds of the betting slip result from the individual bets you decide on. They are multiplied and then result in the total odds with which you can win. Your stake applies to the entire betting slip and not to each individual match. The relatively high odds sound more than tempting compared to single bets. Odds decrease with the number of games you bet on per betting slip. You only get a profit if all the games are tipped correctly. If you guess a game differently, the entire combined bet loses. Even if the other games are correct, you will lose the entire betting slip.


Home team A – Visiting team A  1 (2,2)

Home team B – Visiting team B  2 (3.0)

Home team C – Visiting team C  0 (1,5)

If we assume you place these three games on your combination ticket. Then the total odds are calculated by multiplying the individual odds together. This would be: 2.2 * 3.0 * 1.5 = 10. If you bet 10,- € and win, 100,- € (10 € * 10) would be paid out. It means that your net profit is 90,- €. If only one of the games ends differently than you predicted, you have lost. So the entire stake is lost. Therefore you will lose out on what initially appears to be a lucrative combination bet. You have to bear in mind that it is significantly riskier and the average chances of winning are lower.

The extension are system bets

A system bet is basically an extension of the combination bet. Here you bet on several games. The advantage is you do not have to bet on every game to win. An example of a system ticket would be the 3 out of 5 principle (but other ratios are possible). This means that only 3 out of 5 games have to be tipped correctly to win. In a system bet, several combination bets are formed. The example shows all possible combinations from the 5 games you choose. In total, there are 10 different combinations and each one is called a “betting series”. As contrast to the combination bet, the stake here is paid per bet line.

A single bet does not cover the entire betting slip. With 3 out of 5, there would be 10 combinations. Accordingly, the betting stake would amount to a total of €50 for €5 per betting line. If you have tipped 3 games correctly, you will receive your stake. This is multiplied by the respective odds of the three correctly tipped games.


Bet per betting series 5,- €, correct bet on game 1, 3 and 4.

Home team A – Visiting team A  0 (2,5)

Home team C – Visiting team C  2 (3,9)

Home team D – Visiting team D  1 (1,7)

Payout sum: 5,- € * 2,5 * 3,9 * 1,7 = 82,86 €

(Net profit is 32,86, because the whole betting slip costs 50,- €)

If 4 of the games had been correctly tipped, the winnings would increase significantly. Then the payout totals of all possible combinations of the betting rows are calculated and added. Thus, the winnings are many times higher with more correctly tipped games. A system ticket offers you an extremely large number of possible combinations, which increases your chances of winning. The stake you have to place is much higher than that of a single or classic combination bet.

Special bets with high risk

There are some sports betting providers who offer so-called special bets. These bets differ in their nature from the classic win bet. They are not about the victory of a team or a draw. It is about a very special result. This includes bets such as: Which team is leading at half-time? What is the exact final result? Will less, more or exactly 3 goals be scored during the match? These special bets can always be continued. They refer to one match.

Alternatively, there is the long-term bet, which is not decided in one match. A result is only reached at the end of a tournament or season. The betting providers offer various options here. Examples are: Who will win the Champions League? Which player will score the most points? There are no limits to the possibilities of special bets. There is a wide range of bets to choose from, even outside the sports sector. The special bets can be extended to any area.

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