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All about withdrawals in online casinos

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Paying out winnings at the online casino

You play at the online casino to have fun. Entertainment comes first. But if you make a profit, you also want to have it. In addition to free credits from a bonus, you can also use your winnings to play new games. This way you have even more fun and don’t have to make a new deposit. But you would rather use the winnings for something else. Then you can withdraw the credit again. It’s just as easy as making a deposit. You get it transferred to your means of payment with which you have verified yourself. Therefore, it is also important to choose a payment option when depositing that you can use to withdraw. For security reasons, you cannot choose a different option each time.

You have to keep in mind that your withdrawal method must always be verified. You should check beforehand if you have used a bonus. In this case, all turnover requirements must be fulfilled. Otherwise your withdrawal request will be rejected. Another point is the verification of your customer account. It must be completed, otherwise payment requests are not possible. Deposits, on the other hand, can be made up to a certain limit.

Requesting withdrawals at online casino

You need to know how to withdraw a portion of your winnings. It’s almost as easy as making a deposit. You’ve probably already discovered the site when you made your first deposit. You just need to follow a few simple steps and your withdrawal will be requested.

  • First, go to the cash out page in the cashier
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw
  • Select your withdrawal method from the list
  • Confirm the details of your desired withdrawal

The casino has to authorise the withdrawal. An employee will check whether you meet all the requirements. It is therefore important that you have already verified your data. Your proof of age must also be provided. The provider is obliged to do this before the first payout. They have to make sure that you are not underage and that your data is correct. It is also important that you have already fulfilled the bonus conditions. Otherwise, the payout will be rejected. The same applies if you choose a new payment method. You should have already made a deposit using the same method. An unverified payment method is usually rejected.

Availability of withdrawals

When exactly a withdrawal will reach you varies greatly. It depends on many different factors. For many of them, not even the casino itself is responsible. We have our own guide for fast payouts. There you will find all the information on how you can speed up the process. But there it is explained in detail what it all depends on. We have briefly summarised some of the factors here. So that you at least get a first overview.

  • If your account is not verified and you still have to submit documents. Therefore, you should always make sure that everything has been taken care of in advance. Your ID and similar documents serve to verify your identity and minimum age.
  • With the first request or larger sums, the payout is often not released automatically. If an employee has to take care of it, it can take a long time. It also depends on the number of other requests at the same time. If the casino is understaffed, it can also be delayed.
  • The payment method is an important factor. A bank transfer takes much longer than an e-wallet. Here you can also influence the duration. You should always choose a fast method. Also make sure that you have already deposited via the same method. This way, the method is verified and will also be executed.
  • The payout amount should not be too high. The higher the amount, the more closely the casino checks it. The Money Laundering Act is decisive here. The providers must adhere to the regulations and fulfil the requirements.
  • Your status also determines the priority of your request. A high roller or loyal customer will be given priority. If you have deposited for the first time and won immediately, it may take longer.

Usually, the payout should always be available after 3 days. But the factors just mentioned can also delay it. You can help speed things up yourself. If you are lucky and use an e-wallet, for example, it will go faster. Then you can sometimes have the payout amount at your disposal after just a few hours.

Limits on your withdrawal

Every online casino has a withdrawal limit. Especially if you have a high profit, you have to consider this. First of all, you have to fulfil your bonus conditions. But even then you can’t withdraw everything. In addition to a limit for each individual withdrawal, there is also a monthly limit. So if you have a large sum, you have to expect several transfers. Therefore, you should not be surprised if a request is rejected. You can find the information about the limit on the withdrawal page. If you are unsure, you can always ask the customer support beforehand. At the same time, you can also ask if any documents are missing. This way you know immediately how you can speed up the process yourself.

Costs of a withdrawal

Most online casinos charge fees for a withdrawal. A deposit, on the other hand, is usually free of charge. The casino deducts the fees of the payment provider from your winnings. How high the fees are depends in particular on the payment method. You choose your payment provider yourself. This means that you not only decide how fast it is. The costs can also vary. Most of the time it is a certain percentage of the payout amount. It is always best to find out about this beforehand. Then you can decide when you make your deposit. When you make a deposit, you already confirm the method for a possible payout. Experience shows that e-wallets and cryptos are the cheapest options. Whereas credit cards and bank transfers are the most expensive.

In the rarest cases, the casino also charges a processing fee. However, you will find information about this in advance. You must then decide for yourself whether you would prefer to play with another provider. For this reason, you should always think carefully about where you register.

The best payment methods for withdrawals

When making a withdrawal, the method is crucial for the costs and speed. We have listed the most common payment methods. Accordingly, you can compare the individual options. Then decide on your favourite. You can influence every payout. Remember that you can only choose payment methods that you have already deposited with. By then it is a verified payment method. It is only for your security. This way, no one can hack your account and divert funds to you.

E-wallet for withdrawals

E-wallets have already proven their worth for deposits. With them you can deposit funds for free and access them almost in real time. This method is also very secure. You have funds in your e-wallet. So you can deposit it in an online casino using your email address. You don’t have to give out your bank details or any other information. In addition, your normal bank does not find out about your gambling. Since no transaction appears on your normal account. Some banks are problematic as soon as they discover gambling.

Paying out is just as easy as depositing. The advantage is the speed. As soon as the casino releases your request, it is already credited to your wallet. Normally this takes less than 24 hours. Sometimes it is already available to you after a short time. The deposit is usually always free of charge. There may be small costs for the withdrawal. The most popular providers are Skrill and Neteller.

Credit cards and debit cards in the online casino

Credit cards are very popular for deposits. They are often available in conjunction with an e-wallet. However, this is more about the credit and debit cards of your bank. Deposits are fast and normally withdrawals are possible too. But it is good to know they take much longer. This is because the bank often has a processing time that has to be added. You should find out in advance how your bank deals with gambling offers. Some banks have a problem with it. And the fun with the games should not have any negative consequences for you. At the same time, you can also ask about the costs. They are higher than with e-wallets. The exact costs always depend on your respective bank and the casino.

Transfer to your bank account

Direct bank transfers are rarely used for deposits. It takes a few days until the funds are in your account and you can play with them. Therefore, financial service providers like Trustly offer instant transfers. However, this does not work for withdrawals. It is a safe method, but it takes several days. It’s also not cheap because banks often charge high fees. The casino passes the costs on to you or deducts them from your withdrawal. Before you decide to use this payment method, you should check what the consequences might be. Some banks prohibit gambling and may even terminate your account.

Cryptos as a means of payment

Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular in online casinos. If you already own Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin or similar, you know how easy it is. As with e-wallets, you have a digital account. Everything is stored here and you can simply deposit it with your CryptoID. This happens almost in real time and you can already access your credit.

Withdrawals are just as easy. As soon as your withdrawal is accepted and approved, the transaction is carried out. Costs are incurred only in the rarest of cases. If there are any fees at all, they are very low. In no time at all, the cryptos are back in your wallet. You have access to them and can use them for anything. This makes cryptocurrencies a good alternative to all other methods.

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