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How to speed up withdrawals at online casinos

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Fast withdrawals in online casinos

Fun should always come first when playing slots. But the most fun is winning. And above all, to have your winnings paid out. If you have already been to a casino, then you have changed your chips. This is quite uncomplicated. They are counted and you get cash for the corresponding value. In an online casino this process can take a while. You have to remember that every provider wants to offer you the best possible security. It takes more effort to make sure that the money reaches you. No one should be able to log into your account and change your data.

Your advantage is that the competition never sleeps. Of course, more and more providers advertise with fast payouts. There are online casinos that manage it within a day or a few hours. Of course, the customer no longer understands why he has to wait a long time. When it comes to payouts and bonuses, the platforms can differ from each other. This is exploited to attract new customers.

More and more players therefore attach great importance to fast payouts in the online casino. Switching to another provider is easy. If you have already done the verification of your data, you know how fast it can go. The duration of the payouts is checked before a registration or when switching. Today, this is just as crucial as the bonus offers. We try to give more information about fast payouts in this article.

Reasons for a fast payout

There are good reasons for an online casino to process the withdrawal request quickly. With speed, the image of the provider is also influenced.

  • A fast payout shows efficient work. A well-organised casino should have automatic processes for approving payouts.
  • The fast processing shows appreciation to the customer. At the same time, the casino appears trustworthy. If you as a customer are kept waiting for a long time, the casino appears unserious. You could then almost think that it has payment difficulties. Here, as a customer, you no longer want to deposit money.
  • The credit balance and any winnings from the game belong to you. If you request a payout, it is only fair to pay you the money as soon as possible. The payout should not be a problem, if you have reached the minimum payout amount.
  • If you have to wait a long time for different withdrawals, you can quickly lose track of them. Fast payouts to your bank account allow you to better control your finances.

Factors of a fast withdrawal in an online casino

A fast payout should always work and yet there are factors involved. Sometimes a little patience is required. This does not immediately have anything to do with the seriousness of the casino. External circumstances influence the speed and that can lead to it taking longer. It is not always the provider’s fault if you are waiting for a payout. The employees of the reputable online casinos usually always do their best for a satisfied customer.

Approval by casino staff

The strict security measures mean that a payout almost always has to be checked by an employee. He then releases the payment and the process takes its course. How quickly this release runs is often unpredictable. If many requests come in at the same time, it takes a little longer. Likewise, at times when there are not so many employees in the office. You always have to remember that an online casino works like a normal office. When employees are sick, others have to take over the work. Then things can pile up and take longer.

You often notice how customer-oriented a provider is when you contact the customer support. You notice immediately whether the staff are well trained. If there is a lot of customer service, then the payouts are usually quick. You can already influence this when you register. Because you decide yourself where you register and play.

Amount of the payout

If you have already requested several payouts, you may have noticed a difference. Small amounts are often approved much more quickly. Whereas large sums really need to be checked and approved. This is due to the fact that you have to meet all anti-money laundering requirements. With large payouts, you have to be sure that everything is correct here.

Customer status in the online casino

If, as described above, many withdrawal requests come in, the status of the customer is a decisive factor. The payouts of particularly loyal customers are treated preferentially. The same applies to requests from high rollers or VIP players. To reach this status, you have to play often and bet a lot. The preferential treatment is a special service that these customers have earned. A withdrawal is often released within a few minutes. This does not mean that you have to wait for days for your withdrawal. It is only a short moment that you have to wait longer. Unless you have such a status, of course. Then you also benefit from it.

Time difference due to payment methods

So far, the speed was up to the casino staff. However, they have no influence on the processing times of the individual payment methods. You have to choose for yourself which method you want to use to request a payout. Most casinos inform you in advance how long it takes for the payment provider to process your withdrawal. A bank transfer can only be credited by the bank on working days. Although the transaction is sent automatically, it must be approved, especially for larger sums. The bank sometimes wants proof that it really is a profit. The same applies to withdrawals to a credit card.

In comparison, e-wallets like Neteller or Skrill are much faster. The casino can make a transaction to your account within a few minutes. Here again, large sums are checked. You can play it safe. Then you should announce a withdrawal to the service provider. This often speeds up the verification process. In other words, you can access your money more quickly.

When does a payout take too long?

There is a big difference in determining when a payout takes a long time. It depends on the customer service as well as the external processing time. Many casinos approve a withdrawal within a few minutes. If it takes several hours, you should still be understanding. If you request a bank transfer, some banks take as long as 3 business days to process. In this case, the payout can take several days. However, it should not take longer than a week until the money is in your account. Most casinos will inform you as soon as it has been released by their side. If you don’t get any information from the casino, you can ask customer service after 2 days. There is always a chance that your notification has ended up in the spam folder. You should always check here as well.

It is not acceptable if you have to wait for weeks to receive your money. Then you should think about whether you want to continue playing there. Of course, a quick payout is only possible if all requirements are met. Your account and your payment methods must be verified. You can only request a withdrawal if no bonus conditions lead to a rejection. If you are unsure whether you still have to fulfil the wagering conditions, you can always ask. With some providers, this is now even stated in the customer account. So it’s best to first check whether you can already withdraw the credit.

Find a good casino with fast payouts

If you are looking for a new online casino, you have to consider several points. It is not only a fast payout that is important. The overall package of the provider must be right. Otherwise you will not be satisfied at another point. Ideally, the casino offers the following:

  • Fast, uncomplicated deposits and withdrawals
  • Good payout ratio
  • Low fees for withdrawals
  • Suitable bonus offers
  • User-friendliness
  • Good customer service
  • Large game selection

Summary of casinos with fast payouts

The customer-oriented casinos do their best to pay out quickly. If it does take longer, this can have various reasons. The casino itself is not always responsible. In the case of a long processing time by the payment provider, there is no way to influence this. A long payout time, on the other hand, does not have to be accepted. With a new provider, you should pay attention to a large game selection. This should be combined with good customer service. Remember that a longer payout does not always depend on the casino. You can choose the payment method yourself, for example.

At, we have already tested and selected many online casinos for you. If you are looking for a new platform, you will surely find one here.

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