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Secure deposits and withdrawals

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Payment options in the online casino

In the real casino, you can easily load cash onto your customer card at the cashier. Alternatively, you can get chips to play with. When you are finished, you can simply withdraw your balance. Just go to the cashier and you’ll have your winnings or remaining balance in cash.

On the internet, it’s a bit more complicated. You have to remember that in a real casino you are there in person. The online casinos attach great importance to offering you a safe gaming environment. Therefore, the identity check is also an important point of your registration. The providers are especially careful when it comes to withdrawals. This prevents someone from hacking into your account. If withdrawals were simply possible to any account, a hacker could siphon off your funds. At first, these measures may seem excessive and complicated. But when you look at it more closely, it’s your money that’s at stake, and the online casino can’t be too careful.

In this guide, we would like to provide you with all the information about deposits and withdrawals in the online casino. Afterwards, you will know what you have to pay attention to. Especially when it comes to withdrawals, there are a few things you should know in advance.

Registering at the online casino

Before you can make a deposit, you must register at an online casino. To do this, you need a personal customer account at an online casino of your choice. We have tested and rated the best online casinos for you. On our site you will find reputable providers where you can play without hesitation. If you decide on one of the casinos, you have to register as follows:

  • On the platform you will find a field for registration. Click it and follow the instructions. Usually this is a form in which you have to enter your email address and other personal data. Remember to enter your real data, as you will need to verify it later. With your username and secure password, you can always log in again later.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions. Ideally, you should read them beforehand so that you know what to expect from the provider.
  • You have to confirm your email address. A link will be sent to you. This is how the casino ensures that you have access to the email account.
  • Decide on the deposit method you prefer.
  • Choose the amount and make your deposit. Remember to get your welcome bonus as well. Find out beforehand if it will be credited automatically or if you have to enter a bonus code.
  • Your deposit and bonus should be available in almost real time. Now you can choose a game and start playing.

Depositing in the online casino

If you want to play at the online casino, making a deposit is quick and easy. You always have the choice of a deposit method. You can choose what is convenient for you and what you usually use. Perhaps you already know the procedure from an online shop. You select the payment method and the amount and confirm your deposit. With most options, you can access the funds directly after completing your deposit. Once your account is funded, you can use the real money to play slots.

There are many safe payment services that make paying online safe. These include e-wallets and bitcoins. Note that you need to have funds in your wallet before making a deposit at the online casino. If the wallet is loaded, then e-wallets are one of the safest methods. They are preferred by many customers because the fees are low. In addition, you don’t have to disclose any data from your bank account. The information about your email address is often sufficient.

Withdrawing funds and winnings

If you win while playing, you can withdraw the money. Then it is available again and you can spend it. It is not quite as simple as with deposits. The security measures already described come into play here. You have to plan with more time than a real-time transfer.

For one thing, you have to have verified your account. This means your personal data such as name, address and age. But your payment method must also be stored. Only if you have already made a deposit with it, you can use it for withdrawals. This way, the providers make sure that the account belongs to you and is not diverted.

You have to make sure that you can already request a withdrawal. This includes the minimum withdrawal amount and the authorisation. It is your balance, but you are not always entitled to withdraw it. Have you perhaps claimed a bonus? Then you must first fulfil the wagering conditions. Only then can you request a payout of your winnings.

Not all deposit methods work for withdrawals. It is best to find out in advance which different options you have. Credit cards and e-wallets usually always work, as do crypto-wallets. These options are often the fastest. As soon as the payment is released by the casino, the money arrives. Not all options are fast. Especially if a service provider needs a processing time in between to book it.

A difference between the individual payment methods are the fees. Ideally, look for an option with low fees that is processed quickly. The fees vary between payment providers and are passed on to you by the online casino. You can find the information on this on the overview page of the casino. There you can find out everything about withdrawal limits. Even if you have a big win, many providers only pay out a maximum amount per day or week. This means that you will have to wait several times until you receive your money.

Tips for fast deposits and withdrawals

  • When depositing and withdrawing money, you can achieve fast results with a few rules. However, security is paramount. You should always choose a safe way, even if it takes a little longer.
  • Fulfil the conditions for a customer account in the casino. You must have reached the minimum age and should also provide honest information about your name and address. At the latest, you must verify your account with an ID before making a withdrawal.
  • Inform yourself about withdrawal limits beforehand. Then you won’t be confused by the maximum amount when you make your first withdrawal.
  • Check what the minimum deposit is at the online casino. The amount is usually not very high. But the effort should be worth it when making a deposit.
  • When making a deposit, make sure you know the bonus conditions. It is important to know whether you have to enter a bonus code or whether the bonus is booked automatically.
  • The wagering conditions of a bonus must be fulfilled before a withdrawal. Otherwise, your winnings are not yet released and no withdrawal is possible.
  • Decide on a fast payment method. Ideally, it is available for deposits and withdrawals. E-wallets are particularly suitable for this, as transactions are processed quickly in both directions.

Payment methods

The payment methods can be decisive for whether your deposits and withdrawals work quickly. In addition to speed, factors such as costs and availability are a question. After all, not every payment method is suitable for withdrawals. For deposits, the choice is usually many times greater. Especially the service providers for fast transactions do not have the possibility to pay you back. Therefore, think carefully about which option you choose. Also check what the requirements are for a payout. Often you have to legitimise the payment option for withdrawals. In this case, it’s worth making the deposit the same way, at least the first time. This makes it all the easier to request a transaction later.

Credit and Debit Cards

Today, almost everyone uses a credit or debit card every day. This has made it easy to pay at the supermarket, in a restaurant or when shopping. You no longer have to carry cash with you or look for the nearest ATM. But the cards are just as popular on the internet. Online shopping in particular is fast, safe and uncomplicated.

The cards work perfectly in online casinos. You enter your card number and the cardholder. You will then be asked for the expiry date and the CVV number on the backside of the card. Once you have entered all the data, you can immediately use the deposited funds on your player account.

However, the cards are only suitable for withdrawals to a limited extent. It takes a few days until you can dispose of a paid out amount. This is mainly due to the processing time of the bank. They have to credit the money to your account and book it onto your card. If you have a card with a monthly statement, you can only see the amount. You can only actually dispose of the money after the card has been settled. Only then will the amount be transferred to your account.

Bank transfer

Bank transfers were a common means of payment in online casinos for a long time. You deposited with it and it was the common variant for withdrawals. In comparison, it is no longer very suitable today. A deposit can take several days until it is credited to your player account. This is partly because of how quickly your bank transmits the money. The casino’s bank has to credit the amount and the employees then enter it into your customer account. This process can take a long time and you have to wait to finally continue playing.

The same principle applies to withdrawals. You request the transfer, then it has to be approved and processed by the banks. This can result in a waiting period of several days. In addition, banks become cautious with large amounts. Because of the money laundering regulation, the money may be frozen. In that case, you have to prove that the money was won legally. This means a lot of extra work for you. In addition, there are already fees involved.

Instant Bank Transfer

Some service providers have recognised the disadvantages of bank transfers. They offer instant bank transfers. Instant bank transfers have already proven their worth in online shopping. You give the provider your account details and they immediately send your transfer to the online casino. They then debit the amount from your account by direct debit. The advantage of this is that the money reaches the recipient immediately. This means that you can dispose of it and play with it immediately.

The financial service providers are usually free of charge for you. This is a fast alternative to a normal bank transfer. The sites are also very safe. However, you must be aware that you are passing on your bank details to a service provider. This option is only suitable for deposits. They cannot make a transfer from the casino to you. A chargeback is not possible through these third-party service providers.


Virtual wallets are probably the most popular form of payment in the online casino. You can store a credit balance there that you can access at any time. It can be topped up at any time with a bank transfer or credit card. E-wallets stand out as a special means of payment because they are:

  • Safe
  • User-friendly
  • Fast

You might be wondering why you should take the diversions via a wallet. If it is topped up with your credit card, you can use it directly as a means of payment. The reason is the security aspect. With a digital wallet, you don’t have to provide any personal account information. You pay into the online casino with your associated email address. This means that your data is secret and hackers have no chance of accessing your account. Furthermore, it can help you keep a better track of your budget. When you load the amount for gambling into the wallet, you can control it better.

Wallets are suitable for both deposits and withdrawals. You can access the funds almost in real time when you make a deposit and play with them immediately. When the casino sends you a withdrawal, it is quick. As soon as your request is processed and approved, the money is already with you.

The fees that are charged for a top-up are negative. If you have enough funds in your wallet, you can usually make deposits free of charge. Charging with a credit card does cost fees, but you get service for that. Above all, security on the internet should be worth this small contribution.

The two best-known providers are Skrill and Neteller. Both operate in over 200 countries worldwide and can be found in almost every online casino. Neteller was originally developed especially for the gaming industry. A large proportion of deposits are made via this service provider. All transactions are carried out quickly and, above all, with the highest security. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one quickly and easily. The e-wallets can be used on other sites. This means that they are not limited to online casinos. So in addition to a means of payment for gambling, you also have a safe alternative for online shopping.


Another very secure option are the so-called pre-payment cards. They can be bought in shops and redeemed online. You get the cards or at least the code with them. It works like a voucher. If you choose the pre-payment cards when you make your deposit, you have to enter your code. The amount deposited will be credited to your account immediately. You can play with it immediately and you don’t have to enter any account details.

The cards are only suitable for making a deposit. Withdrawals cannot be made via the cards. Keep in mind that you will then have to legitimise another means of payment. Otherwise, no withdrawals will be released to you.


Cryptocurrency is a digital currency. They have become increasingly popular in recent years. They work without a bank in between. Thanks to an international network, they are safe and cannot be counterfeited. If you decide to make a crypto deposit like with bitcoin, you are choosing a very safe payment option. The transactions are fast and almost free of charge. This makes cryptocurrencies ideal for deposits and withdrawals in online casinos.

The only issue here is that you need your own wallet. You have to create the crypto account and store your bitcoins or other currencies here. You can buy them on the exchange or receive them when selling goods and services. Transactions are easy and occur in real time with the special code. In the future, many things on the internet will certainly be oriented towards cryptocurrencies. So you don’t have to concentrate on online casinos.

Best means of payment in the online casino

It is difficult to say which is the best means of payment. There is no general statement for this. You have to decide for yourself where the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. With our overview, you now have enough information. In the future, you should choose your preferred payment method. Even if you want to change online casinos, you know what to look out for. By the way, you can find the best online casinos here on We test them and you will find special crypto casinos in addition to the bonus offers. So you don’t have to spend a lot of time searching, we have already rated them for you.

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