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All about bonus wagering requirements

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Wagering requirements for online casino bonuses

The industry of casino games has become bigger and bigger with the internet. As a customer, you have the choice of a multitude of providers nowadays. The slot machine developers are represented on almost all reputable platforms. And yet they differ in some respects. In order to stand out even more from the competition, many have started to introduce bonuses and promotions. In this way, each provider tries to stand out from the others. The offers are supposed to make you choose one.

This is no longer so easy. Because almost every casino offers an extensive welcome package. Bonuses have become a standard feature of online casinos. For you, they may already be quite normal. You don’t get free spins and free credit just like that. There are conditions for each bonus that you have to fulfil. The wagering requirements are probably the most important. If you don’t meet them, you won’t be able to cash out. Our guide gives you all the important information on how to convert a bonus. Therefore you will know how to ensure being able to withdraw your winnings.

Origin of the wagering requirements

When the first bonuses were offered, the conditions did not yet exist in their current form. The casinos made some losses because many customers took advantage of this. There was a lot of bonus abuse with the casino promotions. Customers registered several times with different email addresses. As a result, individuals often took advantage of the generous bonuses until they were able to pay out a win and then logged off again.

Today, registering with multiple addresses is prohibited. A bonus itself can also only be claimed once. The casinos quickly got together and agreed on uniform rules. This stopped the manipulation with the bonuses and the high losses for the casinos. You would certainly do without them. But the bonus conditions ensure that every client can profit from the fun. Since everyone has to play through the bonus equally, everyone has the same chance. You can play for free and cash out your winnings. Even if the requirements often seem very high, it is possible to fulfil them.

Casinos set wagering requirements

Normally, every bonus also has a wagering requirement. If you take a closer look at the bonus conditions, you will quickly find it. It is always best to inform yourself before you accept the bonus. This applies equally to free spins and free credit, for example, when making a deposit. In the terms and conditions, you will also find information on time restrictions. Often you can only use a bonus for a certain period of time. Or you have to fulfil the wagering requirements within a certain period of time.

How often you have to convert a bonus is decided by the online casinos themselves. The gambling industry has only agreed on the introduction of the conditions. If you look at different promotions, you will notice that there are big differences. As a rule, no deposit bonuses have the highest requirements. There might be other online casinos that have a higher value than others. On you will find reputable online casinos that have been tested by us. We also checked the bonus offers. We do not recommend dubious providers with wagering requirements that are far too high. Therefore, you can compare all the bonus offers on our site.

Successfully meet wagering requirements

When you read through the bonus conditions, it seems like a high turnover at first. Let’s say you get a 100% deposit bonus and you have to wager it 30 times. But you will notice that it is not that unrealistic. Remember, we are talking about gambling. Of course you need a little bit of fortune. But if you win, it’s no problem to play with that amount until you have wagered the bonus enough times. There are many slots that often pay out small amounts. The advantage is, you don’t need a big win to keep playing. The small wins also increase your balance. If you play with them, you can successfully meet the wagering requirements.

It is important to check the bonus terms and conditions before withdrawing any winnings. This is because some bonuses have a withdrawal limit. This means you can only withdraw a specific amount of winnings. Meeting the wagering requirements is always a prerequisite for this. If you do not reach the turnover target within the specified time, the bonus simply expires. In most casinos, you can now see in your customer account how often you have already wagered the amount. It lets you know when you can request a withdrawal.

Varying playthrough with bonus

Before you start playing through a bonus, you should be aware of any restrictions. Often there are games that do not count the full amount towards the wagering requirements. Especially live casino and table games are excluded. As a rule, you have to try to convert the bonus with slot machines. The classic table games such as roulette and blackjack do not count towards the turnover. Therefore, you will not reach your wagering requirements. Alternatively, these games are often reduced and only count for 10%, for example. This means that only 10% of your bets are counted towards the wagering requirement. This makes it much harder to reach the target. However, if you play slots, the entire stake is counted. This makes it easier for you to meet the wagering requirements and have the opportunity to cash out your winnings.

High rollers and VIPs with other bonuses

A casino offers high rollers many amenities. They have a direct contact person and receive individual bonuses. The bonus conditions also differ in this case. The wagering requirements are not the same as for other players. This is primarily because high rollers also deposit far more money. This means that they generally play more often with a lot of money and provide the casino with corresponding turnover. Accordingly, the bonus is a kind of reward and has lower conditions.

VIP players also achieve their status by playing frequently. They receive a special loyalty bonus more often. If there is a loyalty programme in an online casino, the loyalty points can be converted into free spins. This type of bonus game is then not subject to the regular conditions. It is therefore worth taking a closer look beforehand to see what requirements are imposed by the casino.

Tips on Wagering Conditions

An online casino bonus always has bonus conditions. But if you pay attention to a few points, then you know what to expect. The fun should be in the foreground, but you should also profit from a win and know how you can dispose of it.

  • Always inform yourself in advance about the play-through requirements. So that you know what you are getting into with the bonus.
  • Compare different casinos, as each can set its own wagering requirements.
  • Be aware of withdrawal limits. There are bonuses that also limit withdrawals of winnings after you have fulfilled the wagering requirements.
  • Be aware of which bonus suits you best. This will make your decision easier.
  • You should only play at reputable online casinos. They offer fair bonuses and you are in a safe gaming environment.
  • Think about how you can best fulfil the wagering requirements. There are games that are better suited for this than others.
  • If you play regularly, check out the VIP programme. You can get additional free spins with loyalty points.
  • Avoid games that do not count towards revenue. This usually includes table games, but some slots can also be excluded.
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