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Cashback bonus

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Bonus offers in the online casino

There are a lot of online casinos and the competition among them is great. As a customer, you have the choice and can decide on the reputable casino that suits you best. To attract new customers, the providers are always coming up with new things. The welcome bonus for registration or the first deposit has become standard. This is usually the most extensive bonus you can get. So you should definitely not miss out on it. It is often a combination of a deposit bonus and free spins.

Once you have signed up, the platforms try to keep you happy. Every online casino tries to reward its customers for their loyalty with frequent promotions and special offers. Many have a real loyalty programme where you are rewarded for playing regularly. With the loyalty points, you can then achieve VIP status or receive free spins.

Another bonus you can get as a loyal customer is the cashback bonus. It is especially worthwhile if you have had a series of losses. Because you get a part of it back and can play again with the credit. All opportunities are open to you and you can have fun again. In this guide we would like to give you all the important information about the cashback bonus.

Cashback bonus for losses

Before we give you the most important information about the cashback bonus, you must be aware of the losses. It is part of responsible gambling that you don’t only have winnings in mind. Unfortunately, gambling also involves losses. If you see the money you lose as a cost of entertainment, it will be easier for you. When you lose, you can’t chase your bet. This causes you to lose control and quickly develop problem gambling behaviour. It is like a spiral where you bet more and more money because you want to win back your lost bets. But this doesn’t work because you are never guaranteed to win. It doesn’t matter how often you play or how much you bet, chance alone determines whether you win or not.

You don’t just get a cashback bonus. You get the free credit when you have lost a lot of money. This gives you credit again and you don’t just stop playing after a series of losses. It is a kind of loyalty bonus for registered customers in the online casino. Otherwise, you could simply change online casinos. Because if you have a losing streak, you’d rather try your luck somewhere else. But with the additional credit that you get so to say refunded, you can try your luck again.

Cashback bonus for a certain period of time

Usually the cashback bonus is valid for a certain period of time. If you have played during this period, your total loss will be calculated and a part of it will be refunded. Often there is a sliding scale. You have to have a minimum loss to get something back. The higher your loss, the more you get back. The free credit that is credited back to you is a percentage of the lost stake. Accordingly, there is no fixed amount. There may rarely be a maximum refund amount, but it is usually based on your losses.

There are online casinos that now offer the bonus permanently every week. Others have a special cashback day or the promotion only exists as an exception. You get the bonus if you play before the bonus day. If you win and do not make any losses, then no bonus is necessary. But if you lose, you have another credit and can hope for a win afterwards.

Real money as cashback bonus

Check out the bonus just as you would do with any deposit bonus. Normally you get real money credited to your account. However, you cannot simply withdraw the money, but must fulfil the bonus conditions. A x-fold wagering of the amount is then required, which also happens with any other bonus. However, you can play and win with the money as normal. The payout can only be made when the credit balance and thus all winnings have been released.

Of course, there are always exceptions. Sometimes there is no condition for the cashback, but you can pay out the real money immediately. However, if you are interested in fun and entertainment while gambling, you can take the chance. A few more game rounds are possible with entertainment waiting for you.

Claim real money bonus

First of all, you have to make sure that you always register with a reputable online casino. Only there you will receive a fair bonus and can benefit from the cashback. Every provider has a different procedure for the bonus. With some you qualify automatically by playing, with others it is not so easy. Since you always have to accept the bonus conditions, you should check how you can register for it. Often it is enough to activate the offers in the bonus section of the site. Others ask you to contact customer support. In some cases, an employee of the online casino must activate the bonus and then send it to you. Of course, the hurdle is a little higher, but you should still not miss out on the bonus.

Information about the bonus offers

If it is a special promotion, you will receive a notification by e-mail. Alternatively, you can find all the information at the bonus offer section. If it is a regular or even weekly bonus, it is often enough to activate it once. It then takes one or two days after the period has been recorded until you have the credit on your account. But with the credit it is then possible to play again without any problems.

So it is not only important to read the bonus conditions. Always find out how you can secure the bonus in the first place. Since it is sometimes not possible to combine different bonus offers, you need to know this beforehand. If you lose, only your real money deposit counts. Bonus credits or winnings that you lose are often not taken into account. Before you are disappointed with the first cashback credit, you should take a close look. You can also ask one of the support staff at any time. They will be happy to help you and explain everything if you have any questions.

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