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Exclusive Bonus

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Bonus for registered customers in the online casino

The choice of casinos on the internet is huge. Even reputable providers are now numerous, so you have to decide on your favourite casino. You have the choice and every casino tries to convince you and win you over as a customer. Of course, you don’t have to choose just one provider. You can also register and play with several online casinos and switch. The attraction is great, of course, especially because the welcome bonus is always very substantial. It is important to attract new customers and therefore you usually get a deposit bonus and free spins. With these, you can play for real money winnings for free.

To ensure that you remain a loyal customer afterwards, the providers have come up with further promotions. With exclusive bonus offers, you are rewarded for playing regularly. You only receive them if you already have a customer account and do not have to open a new one. The bonus is often not advertised at all, but offered by e-mail. We would like to give you all information about an exclusive bonus. Then you will know exactly what to expect after you have used your welcome bonus.

Exclusive bonus for customers

The exclusive bonus is intended to show customers that they are valued. Next to the game selection, customers are the most important thing in an online casino. That’s why we always emphasise that you should pay attention to the customer service when choosing. After all, a platform that has excellent customer support places great value on the satisfaction of its players. The exclusive bonus is not for every customer. It is not a standard bonus that is offered to everyone. Different criteria are used to select who gets which bonus. This means that if you play frequently and wager large sums, it can be bigger than other bonuses. If you play infrequently, you may only be offered a few free spins. It’s like a loyalty bonus, the more often you play, the better your rewards.

Differences in bonus offers

Online casinos are always coming up with something new. This means that you will constantly benefit from new bonus offers. There are two basic differences, which you will find in all offers. There is an exclusive bonus of almost every type for you, so there are no limits to the ideas of the casinos.

  • Deposit bonus
    With the bonus, you must make a deposit to be rewarded. You can only claim your free credit or other reward afterwards. At some casinos, the bonus is automatically credited to your account when you make a deposit. It depends on whether you get free spins or free credit. This is often calculated as a percentage of your deposit amount. But a combination or a cashback bonus is also possible in this case.
  • No Deposit Bonus
    With this type of bonus, you receive your reward without making a deposit. This can be free spins, but also real money. In this case, a certain amount is made available to you for playing.

With both bonus types, you should always find out exactly what the wagering requirements are. They can be different and vary from time to time. Inform yourself in advance so that you know exactly what to expect. You will find the bonus conditions in a short version, but also in detail before you accept the offer.

Classification into different bonus groups

Not everyone gets an exclusive bonus, but only selected customer groups. Certain factors are determined on the basis of which you qualify. You cannot influence this, as the criteria are usually not known. The bonus offers are meant to be a kind of reward for a group of players. Accordingly, they are also designed for their playing behaviour. A uniform bonus would not be a good idea here, as not everyone would benefit equally from the bonus.

  • High Roller Bonus
    Normal bonus offers meet with little interest among high rollers. As a rule, significantly higher sums are in play. A normal bonus is often limited and would therefore be of no use to the high roller because he also plays with high stakes. These, in turn, are not allowed with most bonus credits. Individual promotions are therefore the result, where the deposit number can be significantly higher. Often there are also non-cash prizes to be won. These have nothing to do with the credit balance and are purely a form of reward.
  • Low-Roller Bonus
    Low-rollers are the opposite of this, as they play with small amounts and usually do not make large deposits either. A deposit bonus is limited to a small amount for them, but there are more percentages of free credit. Free bonus credits of 200% and more are not uncommon. For you, it has the great advantage that you have increased your balance all at once. This gives you more playing time that you can use for your entertainment.
  • Affiliate Bonus
    Through affiliates like you can receive an additional bonus. You either have a bonus code. Alternatively, it will be shown to you immediately when you are redirected from the site to the online casino. You should not miss out on this and profit extra. All online casinos on our site have been tested and found to be reputable. This means you can play in a safe environment and secure an exciting bonus.
  • Country-specific bonus
    Depending on the country, there may also be special promotions. The currency plays a role and special holidays. The simplest classification of customers is according to their place of residence or country. This is why it often happens, that there is a bonus that is not available for all players from all countries.

Restrictions on the exclusive bonus

As with all special promotions, there are restrictions and conditions for exclusive promotions. We have put together a few points for you to pay particular attention to. When you claim your bonus, you should know what to expect. The individual points can ultimately decide whether the bonus is worthwhile for you or not.

  • General terms and conditions
    These are useful because they provide a safe playing environment. Here you will find the general rules that apply in the online casino. If you do not abide by them, a bonus and any winnings can be cancelled. Most casinos have the same rules, but to be on the safe side you should check them out. There are separate bonus terms and conditions for each bonus and special promotion. They contain all important information that only focuses on the bonus credit and the winnings achieved with it.
  • Wagering requirements
    In the bonus conditions you will also find everything about how to free your bonus and the winnings by wagering. If you play with a bonus or free spins, you cannot simply withdraw the winnings. You have to wager the amount several times before the real money is available to you. The exact number of times each provider can determine for each individual bonus. Therefore, it is important to know when exactly you can freely dispose of the credit. To achieve this wagering, you have to place bets. However, there are usually restrictions. It is important to know which games count towards the wagering. This is usually not a problem with slots, but live games or table games are often excluded. If they are allowed, they only contribute to a fraction of the required wagering. This means that you have to play more often to get your money back.
  • Payout limit
    If you use a bonus and clear your winnings by meeting the wagering requirements, you can withdraw your funds. Occasionally there is a payout limit. You cannot withdraw your entire winnings, but only a certain amount. You have to leave the rest in your account and play with it. As long as you know in advance that there is such a limit, you will not be frustrated when making a withdrawal.
  • Validity of the bonus
    If you have already used free spins, you will know that they often have to be used on the same day. Otherwise they expire. However, sometimes you can still use and play with them for up to a week. This is also the case with free bonus credits. The bonus is only valid for a certain period of time. If you do not use it during this time, the remaining bonus credit will simply be deleted after expiry. The wagering requirements must be fulfilled within the same period of time. Otherwise you will not be able to withdraw your winnings.
  • Game restriction
    While some games do not count towards the full wagering requirements, games may be excluded altogether. In the case of free spins, you will often find that they are only available on a selection of games. In this case, you cannot choose the game yourself, but must use the free spins there. The advantage of this is that you try out new games. If you usually play your fixed slots, this is a welcome variety.

Claim an exclusive bonus

You must be registered at an online casino to claim an exclusive bonus. Of course, there are always special promotions for new players. Then you have a bonus code that you want to redeem or you are directed to the site to register. Without registering, you cannot get the offer.

The exclusive bonuses for registered customers are sent to you by email. Alternatively, online casinos can also advertise the promotions in the bonus area after logging in. There you will find all information about whether you will receive the bonus automatically. If it is not automatic, you will contact an employee. Then, for example, you can request a bonus directly after making a deposit via the live chat.

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