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High Roller VIP Bonus

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Bonus offers in the online casino

With the large number of online casinos, you have a wide choice as a customer. You can choose the provider that has the right games for you. Meanwhile, most platforms have a very similar selection of games. That’s why there is always the feel-good factor. You have to be satisfied with the customer support and also with the user interface of a site. In addition to the normal desktop version, almost everyone has an optimal mobile casino solution. The site is optimised for mobile browser access and you can play on your smartphone or tablet at any time.

The bonus offers often play a big role in the decision for an online casino. After all, there is not only the welcome bonus. The offer directly upon registration is very rewarding in most cases. In addition to the deposit bonus, there is often a large number of free spins. However, if you already know that you will be playing with large sums, then the maximum amounts of the bonus do not seem so interesting. In this case, you are more likely to belong to the small circle of high rollers. There are usually special offers for you, which will be sent to you personally.

With this guide, we want to take a look behind the High Roller VIP Bonus. We’ll explain how you qualify for it and what you have to look out for. Usually, you can’t get a VIP status directly when you sign up. Unless you already have a history with another online casino with the same operator. Otherwise you have to play first to get the status of a high roller or VIP.

High Roller VIP in the online casino

A high roller plays with significantly higher stakes than the normal customer. You can assume that one deposit corresponds to the entire monthly limit of an average player. Since a lot of money is at stake here, customers are also very important to the online casino. However, you can’t simply sign up as a VIP customer, but the stake makes the status. There are different categories into which every customer can advance. As a rule, this depends on the amount of bets and the frequency of play. Many online casinos distinguish between bronze, silver, gold and platinum status. The higher you are, the more advantages you can enjoy in the online casino.

It starts with a personal contact person to very individual bonus offers. The regular promotions are usually uninteresting because of their limits. This is because there is a maximum deposit amount that is rewarded with the bonus. In addition, you are often only allowed to wager a certain amount per game round. However, the high roller plays with high stakes, which would always exceed the limit. In addition, live casinos and table games are very popular with high rollers. You don’t want to deposit a lot of money only to find out that you are not allowed to start certain games with a bonus. Therefore, most of them play without a bonus. An individual bonus after some time brings you more advantages.

You can only get the High Roller VIP designation from the online casino itself. There is no separate registration or page where you can claim this status. Always make sure when you sign up that you follow the terms and conditions of the casinos. After only a few deposits, a staff member will contact you. This is because high credit loads are quickly noticed. You should not be surprised if you are then also asked for a verification or statement of assets. This is only for your protection, because the casino is obliged to follow up on this. In this way, a safe gaming environment can be guaranteed.

Explanation of the High Roller VIP Bonus

In the online casino there are special bonus offers for high rollers. They are offered individually by the casino’s own contact person and are based on gaming preferences. Compared to a regular bonus, they have some advantages. We have compiled an overview of these for you as follows.

  • Deposit bonus
    For high rollers, the deposit bonus is intended for a larger balance top-up than regular. In addition, the wagering requirements are lower, whereas the maximum stake per game will be higher.
  • Cashback Bonus
    If you play with large sums and lose, you will often receive a cashback bonus. This means that you will be partially reimbursed for your losses. This is generally available to all customers of a casino. However, the higher the sum of the losses, the higher the percentage that is refunded.
  • Free spins bonus
    The number of free spins and the value of a single free spin are significantly higher than with a normal free spins bonus. However, you still have to observe the bonus conditions and find out in advance how often you have to wager a stake.
  • Payout time
    If you do not accept a bonus or have fulfilled the wagering requirements, you can request a withdrawal. As a High Roller VIP, you will always be preferred and have the highest priority. This means that the withdrawal process is much faster and you will have the funds in your account within a short period of time.
  • Withdrawal limit
    Once you have received your status as a High Roller VIP, you can withdraw more money than usual. As a rule, the payout is always limited. Therefore, larger winnings must be withdrawn in stages. But it’s different with VIP status, because you can transfer more money in one withdrawal.
  • VIP support
    As a High Roller VIP you have the advantage of a personal contact person. You will be looked after around the clock and can always reach someone in case of problems. Your VIP support also provides you with an individual bonus that is specially tailored to you.
  • Exclusive prizes
    You will also often be invited to take part in special events. Exclusive prizes include material prizes and holiday trips. Some online casinos often organise an extraordinary weekend or give you tickets to special events.

With most promotions, you have to pay attention to the conditions. Because even a VIP bonus usually has bonus conditions. Compared to normal bonus offers, the wagering is lower and the limits are higher. Nevertheless, you should be aware of the requirements.

Qualification for a High Roller VIP Bonus

In order to receive a High Roller VIP bonus, you must achieve player status. You can do this with your betting and playing frequency. The more often you play for high amounts, the sooner your status will increase. If you are not sure, you can always ask the customer support. They will explain how long it takes or how much you need to play to be classified as a high roller.

Bonus conditions for the High Roller VIP Bonus

A bonus always comes with certain conditions. This also applies to a High Roller or VIP bonus. You have to deal with them in advance. This way you know exactly what to expect. The most important points of the conditions are the wagering requirements, the game restrictions and above all the validity period. The conditions are different each time and can vary with each bonus. Therefore, you should always take a look at them. Otherwise, you could end up frustrated. You should avoid this at all costs. Then you can benefit from the bonus and have a lot of fun.

Wagering requirements

A deposit bonus or a free spins bonus always has wagering requirements. To do this, you have to wager the free credit several times. This means that the first winnings must also be wagered and played with. Only when the wagering has been reached is your credit balance free. Then you can pay out the remaining winnings without any problems.

Game restrictions

A bonus is often only intended for a certain type of games. Usually games in the live casino and the classic table games are excluded. Here, the house edge of the online casino is significantly lower. The bonus credit can only be used for slots. If you are also allowed to play Blackjack, Poker, Roulette etc. with the money, they count less towards the wagering. They are often only counted at 20%. This means that you have to wager more often on these games than on slots. Slots normally count 100% and are therefore more suitable for fulfilling the wagering requirements.

Validity period

You have to use a bonus within a certain period of time. After this period, the free credit expires and so do the winnings that were made with it. However, if you fulfil the wagering requirements during the validity period, the winnings will be retained. You can then decide for yourself whether you want to withdraw or use the credit to play. When making a withdrawal, you must observe the maximum payout mentioned above. Note that free spins in particular often have a shorter validity period than free credit when making a deposit.

When playing, always look for a reputable online casino. Then you don’t have to worry about the bonus. On you can find all the important information about gambling. In addition, the best online casinos are listed on our site. All of them have been tested by us personally and evaluated according to fixed criteria. We only list reputable providers who guarantee fair and secure gaming. When you register on our site, you know that you are playing at a reputable platform and can look forward to attractive bonuses.

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