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Mobile casino bonus

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Development of the Mobile Casino

For a long time, online casinos were only designed for use on a PC. In the beginning, you sometimes had to download software to be able to play at all. For a long time, no one believed in mobile use. But if you compare the smartphones of today with those of many years ago, you know exactly why. Mobile phones were not powerful and slow internet made playing games almost impossible. Contrast that with today, as they are now technological marvels. Smartphones can compete with any PC in terms of performance.

The advancement of the devices has helped the gambling industry to boom. Today, the devices have a high-resolution display and can also play elaborate video slots excellently. Live Casino on the go? That’s no longer a problem, because you can play anywhere with a flawless stream. The prerequisite for this is, of course, a good internet connection. The games are streamed and poor network signal has a direct impact on game quality. Network coverage has also become better and better in recent years. Fast and, above all, stable internet is available almost everywhere. This means you can access the mobile offer of online casinos at any time.

Mobile use increasingly popular

Due to technological changes, the user behaviour of players has changed. The online casinos have reacted to this and adapted. The sites of the providers are optimised for mobile use. Software developers have also adapted all games. In the beginning, hardly any games were available in the mobile browser. Today you can find almost the same selection of games as on the PC. Some developers have even gone so far as to develop new games just for mobile casinos. You can simply open your mobile browser and open the page of your favourite casino. The world of mobile casinos is already open to you. You can access and start slots and table games anywhere and at any time.

The development is not only that the mobile browser is occasionally used for playing. In the meantime, the mobile casino is on the rise. More and more customers are playing exclusively on their smartphones. There are certainly several reasons for this. For one thing, the small device is always with you and ready to hand. And for another, it can simply be used everywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you want to play at home or on the road. The mobile casino is so popular that there are even games designed just for it. You won’t find them at all on the desktop version or only at a later time. There are also special bonus offers waiting for you. In this guide we want to give you more information about the mobile casino bonus.

Mobile Casino Bonus for all devices

In the early days of mobile casinos, you had to look carefully at which software was suitable for your device. Often it was necessary to download an app, otherwise it was not possible to play. Today, thanks to html5 technology, it doesn’t matter which device you have. The pages and especially the games run flawlessly on any operating system. You don’t have to download anything and you can just start playing at any time. The mobile browser of your device allows you to start instant play and directly stream any game in high resolution. Accordingly, you can also get a mobile casino bonus with any device. There are different options for the mobile bonus.

Different types of mobile bonuses

As with the desktop version, you always have to differentiate the bonus. There is usually an offer when you make a deposit. A so-called no deposit bonus, where you don’t have to make a deposit, is rather rare. If you make a deposit, you get the following bonuses:

  • Deposit bonus
    With a deposit bonus, your deposit amount is increased. This means that there is a certain percentage that you receive as additional free credit. You can then play normally and simply have more budget at your disposal. In this case, more frequent game rounds also mean more chances of winning.
  • Welcome bonus
    A welcome bonus is usually the most attractive and most extensive bonus in the mobile casino. You often get a combination of a first deposit bonus and free spins. Many providers also stagger the bonus so that you can get a bonus for the first three deposits or more.
  • Cashback Bonus
    In the mobile casino you can get a cashback bonus if the casino offers it regularly. In this case, your losses are partially compensated. If you place bets and unfortunately do not win, you can get a credit back. The amount depends on the total amount of the bets. This bonus only applies if you have reached a certain loss. You will only receive a percentage of the loss, not the entire amount.

As already mentioned, the no deposit bonus is rather rare. However, there are still some online casinos that offer such a bonus to mobile users. With the no deposit bonus, you do not take any risk when playing. As with any bonus, you have to observe the conditions. The wagering requirements for a no deposit bonus are often higher than for other promotions.

The most common type of no deposit bonus is free spins. Often you get the first free spins already after registration and can start playing with them. The free spins are sometimes limited to a selection of slots and have high wagering requirements. However, you can still play and win real money before your first deposit. You just have to be aware that you cannot withdraw a win directly.

Conditions for the Mobile Casino Bonus

A bonus is also not available in the mobile casino without bonus conditions. Many find them unnecessary, but the casino protects itself against bonus abuse. In the past, such special offers were exploited too often. The casino wants to offer its customers more fun and entertainment with the bonus. Without the conditions, it would make too much loss and could not stay on the market for long.

Wagering requirements

The same rules usually apply in the mobile casino as in the online casino. You have to wager a bonus amount several times before you have “freed” your balance. Only then can you request a withdrawal. If you request a withdrawal in advance, it will probably be rejected. Each bonus may have different wagering requirements. Therefore, you must always take a close look at the respective bonus conditions. A deposit bonus can often be 100%. If you have to wager it 30 times, that means you have to wager any winnings you make over and over again. This often seems impossible at first, but it is possible. We have created a separate guide to the bonus wagering requirements. There you can learn everything you need to know about converting a bonus.

Free spins also have a wagering requirement. Each free spin has a certain value, so that it results in a total amount for the free spin bonus. There are also casinos that require additional games. In this case, you may simply have to play 30 times more games until your credit is free. Only then is a payout of your winnings possible. The combination of bonus credits does not count. In other words, you cannot unlock the free spin winnings with a deposit bonus credit.

Restrictions on the games

A bonus can be issued with restrictions. This can be a max bet, in which case you are only allowed to wager a certain amount. High stakes are usually not possible with bonus credits. Make sure you know in advance the maximum amount you are allowed to bet per game round. This will save you unpleasant discussions after a win. In addition, free spins are often limited to certain slots of a software provider. In this case, you can only use the free spins for the selection. If you decide to play another slot, you have to use your regular balance.

Live casinos and table games are also often excluded. A bonus usually only applies to slots. If a bonus does count for roulette, poker, blackjack etc., then there are often wagering restrictions. The wagering you achieve there does not contribute 100% to the wagering requirements. As a result, you have to wager considerably more in order to free your balance.

Validity of a bonus

If you get a bonus at the mobile casino, you have to check how long you can use it. Free spins are often only valid for 24 hours or a maximum of one week. You can also only use bonus credits within a certain time frame. During this time, you also have to fulfil the wagering requirements. If you fail to do so, the bonus credit may expire after the time limit. This means that your winnings are no longer available. You cannot save the bonus amount itself. Any remaining amount will also disappear at the end of the period. Your deposited balance is not affected by this. You can still access it later. You don’t have to worry about this, your deposit at a reputable mobile casino is safe.

Withdrawal limits

Always check a mobile casino bonus to see if there is a withdrawal limit. Sometimes a certain amount is mentioned that you can withdraw as winnings through the bonus. If you are lucky and win more than this, you must leave the money in your account. Then you can continue to play with it. A withdrawal limit is often given with free spins. The bonus is intended to give you more fun and, above all, additional games. Therefore, the payout is also limited. You should use the opportunity to play more often. There is no point in discussing this limit with the customer support afterwards. The employees of the mobile casino can only fulfil their requirements. When you accept a bonus, you also accept the conditions. Afterwards, you can no longer take action against individual clauses that you do not like.

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