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Online casino bonus – avoid abuse

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Beginning of Online Casino Bonuses

When online casinos first came onto the market, they wanted to differentiate themselves from each other. At that time, the selection of games was not as large as it is today. Therefore, you could find the same software at every provider. As a unique selling point, they then decided to offer bonuses. Players were supposed to have an advantage when they chose a platform. But the free credit was too tempting for some. So after a short time, there was a lot of online casino bonus abuse.

To avert the damage from the casinos, they decided to introduce wagering requirements. This means that you have to use the bonus several times and play with it. Before that, a withdrawal is not possible. There are many customers who are annoyed by this rule. But you should remember that it is a free bonus to play with. The providers don’t want to just give money away. They want you to play with it, have fun and discover new slots.

Customers try to circumvent the strict bonus rules again and again. But with free credit, the casinos enforce the rules. It can always happen that you do it by mistake and don’t even realise that you are breaking a rule. Your gaming history will usually tell you if you made a mistake unintentionally.

Common cases of bonus abuse

There are consequences for players who intentionally try to deceive a casino or abuse a bonus. The provider will exclude them from the platform. The customer account is blocked and access to all other brands is also excluded. Especially if an operator has several online casinos, you can be excluded from all of them. A new registration is then no longer possible at all. In addition, it is possible that your entire credit balance will be withheld with the account blocking. The attempted fraud violates the terms and conditions that you accepted when you registered.

In our guide, we will explain the most common situations of bonus abuse. Pay close attention to them and you won’t accidentally violate them. If it happens once, the casinos are often understanding. However, if it happens repeatedly, you can also be threatened with consequences. Avoid the risk of having your account blocked and find out more about online casino bonuses in our guide.

Multiple accounts at one casino

The online casinos have clearly regulated that each customer may only have one account. Likewise, each bonus is limited to one person. If you create several accounts at once, you are breaking the rules. There is also no point in using different email addresses. In some cases customers have even chosen different deposit methods. In the end it will be noticed and the casino will find out. All accounts are then immediately blocked and the credit is withheld as compensation.

By means of the IP address of the computer, the providers notice immediately if they log in more than once. Nowadays, verification of the data is also necessary. This means that customers are not able to provide false identities. In rare cases, the casino will point this out to you and you can explain yourself. For example, if you haven’t played for years and have forgotten that you have a customer account already. Then it is also understandable that you have not played with your first account for a long time. If you actively use several accounts at the same time, you can hardly explain it. This then means account blocking and exclusion through a blacklist.

Accepting a bonus twice

A bonus can usually only be accepted once. But occasionally you can get a bonus a second time. This is a server error. The system will normally recognise that you have already received the bonus. This could be a reason to be happy. But if you intentionally try to activate the bonus more than once, this will have consequences. As with multiple accounts, it can lead to your credit being confiscated. In this case, you would be blocked. You will then also no longer be able to register with all partner casinos.

Accumulating bonuses

The bonus is usually offered to you as a welcome bonus. Of course, there will always be an opportunity for a bonus later on. But then you should also use it. If you only accept the bonus, you can get into trouble. Some bonuses are therefore limited in time and expire at some point. Because saving up a bonus to combine it with other bonus offers is not appreciated. If you don’t play with it immediately, you may be denied a new bonus later on. In this case, the casino can refer to the bonus conditions, which exclude a combination of different promotions.

Wagering Requirements Abuse

You always have to clear your bonus credit and winnings first. This is exactly what the wagering requirements are about. They state how often you have to wager the bonus amount so you can make a withdrawal. The system of the online casinos does not allow a payout earlier. If the system does not recognise the status, it can let you withdraw earlier. If a casino employee recognises the error, he or she can exclude you. This is especially true if it is obvious that you intentionally requested a withdrawal earlier.

Many platforms now offer an overview in the withdrawal area. This gives you an overview of how often you have already wagered the amount. As soon as the goal has been reached, you can withdraw your winnings. To be on the safe side, you can always ask customer service. The team will be happy to help you with your current turnover status.

Disregard restrictions

With a bonus, you often have restrictions on the games you can play. You cannot use the bonus for all games. The slots usually work, but the classic table games are excluded. The casino software does not let you use the bonus credit at all. If it does, a win can be cancelled again afterwards. You should therefore not take the risk and find out beforehand where you can use the bonus. By the way, table games such as roulette and baccarat do not count towards the wagering requirements. They are only counted to a small extent. This makes it almost impossible to wager the bonus.

Too high stakes with bonus

With most slot machines you can also make so-called big bets. This is the maximum bet you can play with. Perhaps you hope to win more money by betting too much. A bonus quickly tempts you to bet more because you are getting free credit. But the casinos prohibit big bets with bonus money. You have to check exactly how much a game round may cost. The bonus is given out so you can spend time playing. You should try out new games or have fun with your favourites. So look carefully at what you are allowed to bet. Wagering too much is more likely to result in cancellation. If you have won with too high a stake, your winnings may also be cancelled.


Especially in sports betting, matched betting, also known as arbitrage, is prohibited. You are not allowed to bet on all betting opportunities. This is a strategy to make sure you win with bonus money. Because one of the options will win in any case. However, if you get free bonus money, you must choose one of the betting options. If an arbitrage is discovered on your bets, you can expect your credit to be withdrawn. In addition, your account will be suspended and you will no longer be able to log in to any casino on the network.

At we always recommend you to avoid the above. If you keep this in mind, you won’t have any problems. In addition, you can take full advantage of the bonus. In this case, a lot of fun awaits you – gaming fun with little risk. You can always find the best casinos and their bonus offers here on our website.

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