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Online casino bonuses explained in detail

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Bonus offers in the online casino

The gambling market has grown strongly in recent years. Especially through the internet it has spread faster than ever before. You have a choice of thousands of platforms to play on these days. Online casinos need to stand out from each other. To differentiate themselves, it is no longer enough to advertise games. Almost all renowned game developers can be found at the reputable providers.

Accordingly, the casinos have started advertising with special offers. Each one has different bonuses to convince you. There is a welcome package, which is usually very lucrative. But also regular bonuses so you keep coming back. With the promotions, they differ from each other. You can profit from them. With free spins and free credit, a lot of fun is waiting for you.

This guide will give you all the information you need about casino bonuses. How to find the best bonus for you. What do you have to pay special attention to? What are the differences and what kind of bonuses are there? If you are new to gambling, you need to know what to expect. And above all, how you can take advantage of the competition between online casinos. The offers are exciting and you can expect more game rounds than with your actual deposit. Take a look at the other guides, so you’re well prepared in any case. Then you only need luck to win in one of the games.

Casino Bonus Explanation

Nowadays the casino bonus is part of every online casino. Originally it started with a few promotions, but today it is already standard. This is how online casinos first of all differ from the real casinos that do not offer a bonus. They are present everywhere on the internet and can be found with every provider.

They are used as advertising. The providers try to convince you with an attractive bonus. You are supposed to choose one from a wide range of platforms. Therefore, welcome packages in particular are very generous. You can get many free spins and a good bonus credit on your first deposit.

When you accept a bonus, your balance is usually increased. This means that you have more money at your disposal than you originally deposited. It equals less risk and you can try your luck. This also makes it easy to try out new games.

There are several forms of bonuses. The providers have become very creative in recent years. Because there are many different variants, you should check beforehand which one is suitable for you. Because every player has a different preference. Depending on your playing behaviour, you should then decide on a suitable bonus promotion.

Main categories of online casino bonuses

When you receive a bonus, they are usually divided into three categories. We would like to explain the differences first. Then you can read on and find out which different bonus variants there are. The main categories we explain are not communicated in this way. But if you look at the bonus conditions, you will quickly find out yourself which one it is.

Bonus 1: withdrawable / non-sticky

The first bonus can be cashed out including all winnings made with it. You can only withdraw the bonus credit and the winnings after you have fulfilled the wagering requirements. As soon as you have wagered the bonus amount enough times, you can withdraw your entire balance. If you are refused a payout, this is often due to the conditions. Winnings can only be paid out after all requirements have been met. By the way, a withdrawal is only possible once you have verified your account and submitted all documents.

Bonus 2: sticky / untimed

If you receive such a bonus, you cannot withdraw it. The amount serves as a credit for you to play with. If you make winnings, you can withdraw them. You should note that you also have to fulfil the wagering requirements. Only after you have played the bonus “free” can you withdraw the winnings. The bonus amount itself is not counted, only the winnings. The bonus disappears from your account after a payout. You cannot continue to play with it once you have started a transaction.

Bonus 3: sticky / timed

The last of the three bonus categories is a time-limited bonus. On the one hand, it behaves like the second bonus. You cannot withdraw it, but only the winnings you make with it. You also have to fulfil the wagering requirements beforehand. However, it does not simply disappear after a payout, but remains credited to your credit account. So you can simply continue playing with it and, with luck, win more. The remaining amount of the bonus only disappears after an expiry date. Provided you haven’t completely gambled it away by then and have taken advantage of the fact that it’s in your account.

Bonus variants in the online casino

The bonuses available in online casinos can be divided into 2 types. On the one hand, there are those for which you have to make a deposit. On the other hand, there are also those for which no deposit is necessary.

  • Deposit bonus: This includes all bonuses that you receive for making a deposit. The bonus is often linked to the deposit amount.
  • Non-Deposit Bonus: These are all bonuses that are credited to you independently of a deposit.

Different deposit bonuses

The following bonuses are the different types that can be given with a deposit. There are different features. And as a rule, there are always special requirements that determine the amount of the bonus. Always note that a bonus usually also has bonus conditions that you must fulfil.

Credit Bonus

This is probably the best-known bonus available in online casinos. You get it especially for the first deposit after registration. But it is offered again and again. You get a percentage of your deposit credited as free credit. Usually a maximum amount is fixed. In addition, the bonus is subject to individual wagering conditions.

You have to pay attention to how this is described. Because it is often said that you get a bonus up to a certain amount. However, the bonus is 50% of your deposit. Then you only get the full amount if the 50% of your deposit adds up. Otherwise, the percentages are simply converted to your deposit. So you don’t always get the maximum amount paid out. You will always get the free credit to play in the online casino. If you observe the restrictions of the bonus conditions, you can freely dispose of the credit.

Free Play Bonus

The free play bonus consists of free spins. You often get this bonus together with the credit bonus. Therefore you can start game rounds without using your own credit. Through this there is already a preset value for the game. In most cases, the free spins are also tied to certain games. So you don’t have the choice of which game you use them on. Rarely can you use them for whatever you want. Especially when new slots come on the market, this is a way to promote a game. You can be one of the first to test the slot. And with the chance of winning and without betting your own money.

Package Bonus

These are always several bonuses that are offered together in a package. For example, there is always a series of bonuses in the welcome package after registration. Usually a credit bonus and free spins are combined. Then you receive several bonuses when you make your first deposit, from which you can benefit. Always pay attention to how long the individual promotions are valid. Free spins in particular often have a limited time window for how long you can use them.

Exclusive bonus

Exclusive bonuses are for a selected target group. It can be aimed at players from a selected country. Often certain payment methods are part of a promotion. If you make a deposit through a provider, you get an extra bonus. We at occasionally have offers on our site as well. If you sign up through our site, you will get a special bonus. The promotions and the bonus amounts can vary. Also the period in which the bonuses are available.

Cashback Bonus

In recent years, the cashback bonus has become increasingly popular. Here you do not receive your bonus in advance, but only after playing. The offer can be permanent or only available for certain promotions. It is used if you play with your credit but do not win anything. Your losses are compensated by having a certain percentage credited back to your account. You can then play again and be entertained. Maybe you will have more luck with the bonus and make a win. There are often different scales for the bonus. The higher your loss, the higher the percentage for the refund. You also have to find out beforehand whether it counts daily or in a certain period of time.

VIP Bonus

As a VIP you enjoy many advantages in an online casino. In addition to personal support from a direct contact person, you also receive a VIP bonus. This in turn is often adapted to your playing behaviour. It is an individual offer of free spins or bonus credit. You have to be a high roller or deposit large amounts regularly. The bonuses can then be structured differently. Sometimes there are also gifts or other rewards in addition to the classic bonuses. The bonus conditions usually differ from the usual ones. They are also set individually.

Different bonuses without deposit

You get a bonus without making a deposit. This happens more often when you register. This allows you to play your first games in a new casino without depositing real money. The bonuses are often subject to high wagering requirements or have a withdrawal limit. The promotions are especially suitable for playing and not necessarily for withdrawals.

Free Cash Bonus

Here you get credit on your customer account without making a deposit. You can then use the real money to play. The bonus is usually subject to strict rules. It is free money that is subject to wagering conditions. Often there is also a withdrawal limit associated with it. You will always find the information on this in the respective bonus conditions.

Free Spin Bonus

Free spins are also awarded independently of a deposit. It is possible that you will already receive a few free spins for registering. This allows you to test the first games in the online casino. There are always promotions where you are given a few free spins. The casinos often work together with software developers. This allows you to test the latest games and play without using your real money. Payouts of winnings are only possible after the wagering conditions have been met.

Fulfil wagering requirements

We have put together a separate guide for you. In it, we explain everything you need to know about the wagering requirements. Since it is always a topic on here, we would like to give you a brief insight. The wagering requirements are always about how often you have to convert a bonus. This means that the amount must be played a certain number of times in order for you to clear the bonus. As soon as this has been done, you can withdraw your winnings or credit balance. Before, a payout is unfortunately not possible and will be rejected.

At first sight it often seems too high if you have to wager the bonus 25 times or more. But in the end it is possible to fulfil the conditions and make a withdrawal. You always have to keep in mind that it is not just about one big win. Frequent small wins will also increase your balance. This means that you can fulfil the conditions after a certain amount of time. Of course, there is no guarantee. The bonus provides additional gaming fun and that should always be the focus.

Advantages and disadvantages of an online casino bonus

A bonus is always something you can benefit from. You have more game rounds in front of you than with your credit balance. This gives you more entertainment and fun. You should always play responsibly and in this case the fun comes first. There is no question that winning is the most fun. But you shouldn’t just focus on it. There are many advantages by the bonus offers of the online casinos. As always there are some disadvantages too. We want to summarise both sides. Then you can decide for yourself whether a bonus and which one is suitable for you.

Advantages of an online casino bonus

  • You can increase your balance for free. It means you can play more often and have more fun. In addition, you have the chance to win again in every game round.
  • A free spin bonus can bring you real winnings. You have to keep in mind that you have no risk. With the bonus the certain spins are free of charge. But you can win just as if you were playing for real money. You cannot lose anything. If you don’t win, you haven’t lost money. A win, on the other hand, would be even more significant.
  • You can be rewarded for your activity in the online casino. With a cashback bonus, your losses are partially compensated. And as a VIP, you can even benefit from very individual offers. This way, the fun is greater and you get more out of the bonuses.

Disadvantages of an online casino bonus

  • There are always wagering requirements with a bonus. You have to check in advance how often you have to convert the amount. Only afterwards you can make a withdrawal. Of course, it can be frustrating if this doesn’t work. But at least you have fun with the slots until the bonus is used.
  • Some bonuses have a withdrawal limit. This means that you can only withdraw a part of your winnings. Even if you have fulfilled the wagering requirements. This means that you can only freely dispose of a certain amount of winnings. You have to leave the rest in your customer account. But you can continue to play with it.
  • With bonus offers, there are often restrictions on the betting possibilities. Mostly you can only play slot machines. Bonuses are often not allowed for table games or they do not count towards the wagering requirements. Free spins are usually only valid for a selection of games and cannot be used everywhere.

Summary of Online Casino Bonuses

There are a variety of different bonuses. The casinos are always creative and want to offer you a better bonus than the competition. You have to decide for yourself if you want a bonus. The wagering requirements can sometimes be a deterrent, but the fun is in the foreground. And you will definitely have fun with promotions. With free spins, you can also test new slots that you may not know yet.

Think about which bonus you like most and from which you get the best benefits. Then you can decide more quickly where you want to sign up. On you will find a variety of reputable providers. We also show you which bonus offers they have. This makes it even easier for you to compare them. You can see the differences between the online casinos at a glance. Despite a bonus, a win is not guaranteed. You need fortune to win. Because the games in the online casino are all controlled by the random number generator. You have more fun with the free spins and the free credit. And getting entertained is what counts in the end.

5.0 rating
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