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3-reel classic slots in online casinos

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Classic slots on the internet

The selection of slot machines on the internet is huge. Among them are many video slots, elaborate graphics and animations are typical for this type of game. They are also available in 3-D, so they are even more realistic and provide the best entertainment. Despite the new modern slots, the 3-reel slots are among the most popular worldwide. This is certainly due to the nostalgic character of the games. They are also easy to understand with their few paylines. You don’t have to keep track of a hundred winning possibilities and rely on the automatic display at the end.

Charles Fey is considered the inventor of the first mechanical slot machines. The “Liberty Bell” was developed by Fey and it was the first slot that was able to pay out a win by itself. Since then, the slots have been developed further and further. The fully automatic games have long since replaced the one-armed bandit. Back then, the lever on the side of the machine started the game and set the mechanism in motion. However, some of the symbols from back then have remained. You can still find the 7s, the bell, the BAR sign, stars and fruits.

By the way, the fruit symbols were introduced at a time when gambling for money was forbidden. At that time, instead of money, players were given sweets. The fruits indicated the flavour you won. Today you can’t even imagine that. The symbols have remained and so have the games. Although the slots are all fully automatic and digitised, they have remained true to tradition. Few features, no bonus games, just a simple base game without many extras.

Changing the classic slots

With the original classic slots, it was the mechanical reels that made them so appealing. The first automatic slot machines were viewed with great scepticism. Most casino customers at the time thought that a programme could not create randomness. In their opinion, the winnings could have nothing to do with fortune. In fact the first automatic slots already had random number generators built into them, just like the mechanical ones. Only after a long testing phase did they accept it and customers dared to play it.

Gradually, the one-armed bandits had to make room for the new modern slots in the real casinos. Video slots usually have 5 reels and a large number of paylines. But the classics were not completely ousted. There were too many fans of the slot machines, so they were merely modernised. The classic 3-reel slots have been digitised, keeping their look and simplicity.

The spread of the internet and thus the success of online casinos in recent years, now brings them directly to you. Digitisation beforehand made it easy to bring the games from the slot machines to the online casino. On the internet, the classics are still available around the clock. With smartphones and the increasing popularity of mobile casinos, all games have also been optimised. Now you can play anytime and anywhere on your smartphone or tablet. The classic slots are optimally designed for use in the mobile browser. They still promise a lot of fun and excitement.

Large selection of classic slots

There are a lot of gaming providers in the online casino. Some of them have developed slots for casinos in the past. Therefore, their titles are still on offer and have merely been modernised. But other software developers have also recognised the nostalgia trend. They have brought new games to the market that correspond to the classic 3-reel slots of yesteryear.

Since every online casino has a variety of game providers on offer, the selection is huge. You can often search directly for the classics in the game selection. Then you will only be shown the slot machines you are looking for. You then have the choice and can try out different slots until you find your favourite. You will certainly not get bored. Sometimes there is even a bonus that you can use. Then you can even start the slot without risk with free credit or free spins.

Differences in slot classics

The classic slots may only have a few paylines, but they can be impressive in terms of winnings. The selection is large and the RTP for most games is quite normal. Therefore, you have the same chances of winning as with the modern video slots. But if you like the simple game, then you should try one of the classics. Because here it is also about winning big and having fun at the same time. The games have a maximum of 10 paylines and therefore you have a better overview of your bet. The slot machines are very similar in the way they work. And yet there are two fundamental differences to note. These are the main prizes you can win on a classic slot.

  • Classic slots with a fixed jackpot
    There is always one symbol that is valued the highest. If you have three of these symbols on a payline, you usually win the top prize. In this type of slot, the jackpot is a fixed amount. So you know in advance how much the top prize is and what to expect when you get it. To win you must have bet the maximum amount when playing.
  • Progressive Jackpots in Classic Slots
    In a slot with a progressive jackpot, you do not know beforehand what exactly awaits you. The slot pays out relatively rarely, but when it does, the winnings are enormous. This is certainly the reason why the games are so popular. However, you can only hit the jackpot if you play with the maximum stake. With every game round, a part of the stake goes into the jackpot, so it grows quickly and massively. If you win it, there is usually a considerable sum waiting for you.

Playing classic 3-reel slots

Classic slots are easier to play than the new modern video slots. This is mainly because there are no features or bonus games. You concentrate purely on the basic game. There are already modern classics. These are usually games with a classic design, but they are new on the market. They have integrated bonus rounds and still work like the usual games. However, there are always slots with a wild symbol that works like a joker and replaces other symbols. This gives you better chances of winning in the game.

In general, the gameplay is always the same for classic 3-reel slots:

  • You must be registered with a reputable online casino. For this you can choose a provider from our site, as we have tested all of them ourselves. In this case, you can always assume a fair gaming offer and a safe gaming environment.
  • Once you have registered, you should top up your account. Remember that you can often get a generous welcome bonus. This allows you to play with free credit or free spins after your first deposit. Always pay attention to the respective bonus conditions.
  • In the lobby of the online casino you will find a large selection of games. You can select them according to your personal criteria. Find a classic slot that you would like to play. Select it and start the game.
  • Ideally, find out about the game and the possible winnings before you start.
  • Select the paylines you want to play with and set your bet per payline. You should also be able to see your total bet, so that you know how much money will be deducted per game round.
  • Once you have set everything to your liking, you can press Start or Spin. The reels will start to spin. When they stop, you can immediately see for yourself whether you have won or not because there are so few paylines.

Tips and tricks for 3-reel slot classics

If you are looking for tricks to manipulate a 3-reel slot classic, we have to disappoint you. The games work purely according to the random principle. You cannot trick the machine. Rumours persist that there are more payouts at a certain time of the day. There are also people who claim that you only have to play often enough in succession until the slot pays out. The fact is that neither the time of day nor the frequency of play is relevant. The random generator decides each game independently of the previous one. You have to rely purely on your fortune when playing slots.

We can only give you the following tips. You should consider them for all games of chance. Then you can have a lot of fun and be entertained by the slots.

  • If you don’t know the slot yet, check if there is a demo version. You can then try out the game without having to bet your real money. Only when you have understood it and know exactly how it works do you switch to real money mode. Then you can keep all the winnings you make.
  • You should only ever play in reputable online casinos. Don’t be lured by huge bonus promises that seem unrealistic. With a reputable gaming provider, you know that everything is fair and you have a real chance of winning. We recommend you to choose an online casino that you can find here at We review all of them and rate them according to set criteria. In addition, you can directly find and compare all bonus offers to make your decision.
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