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Basics of Online Craps

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Craps in online casinos

The dice game Craps is one of the popular table games in real casinos. It has become especially well known through many films. With normal table games, such as Poker or Roulette, calmness and concentration prevail during the game. But the game Craps creates an atmosphere. During the game, the table is often surrounded by spectators who cheer on the player or the dice. Craps is not only pure excitement, but also creates a good mood. On the Internet, of course, it’s not like in the movies.

When you choose to play in an online casino, it is always casino craps. There is another variant called Street Craps, but you won’t find it online. The big difference is that in casino craps you are always playing against the bank or casino. On every roll of the dice, either you or the banker wins. The house edge is relatively low at only 1.5%. This makes the game so popular, because it means that you have more chances of winning. You don’t know how the dice will fall. It is therefore a true game of chance and you can only hope for a good roll.

Origins of Craps

The origins of the dice game go far back into the Middle Ages and cannot be proven. Parlour games, especially with dice, were very popular at that time. The form we know today only developed later. It was derived from the original game over time. There are rumours that the first versions of the game came from Arab countries. Other sources suggest that it spread to Europe. It then made its way to America via French colonies in the 18th century.

Until 1842, the game was called creps. Then the name was changed to craps and has been kept until today. This makes it an ancient game that is still successful and well received by players today. You could always find it in the casinos and for many years now the game is also available in online casinos.

Online Craps game instructions

There are two dice that are thrown simultaneously. Up to eight people can place bets at the table, but only one has the dice. If you have the dice and are playing, you are the shooter. You have to place a bet yourself in parallel. The other players (faders) bet with or against you without being able to influence the game. You roll the dice until you lose and your bet is gone.

Craps is rarely played in a live casino. Most of the time, you can only play the game in the slot. This means that the chances are good that you will be playing alone. There are usually no other players in online slots. A special feature of live games are the two croupiers that exist at craps. One is the boxman, who supervises the game and takes care of the bets. On the other hand, there is the stickman. He sets the pace of the game, calls out the result loudly and pushes the dice to the shooter.

As the shooter, you have three options on the first roll:

  • Natural
    The sum of the two dice is 7 or 11 and you win immediately.
  • Crab
    If the sum of the dice is 2,3 or 12, you lose immediately.
  • Point
    You may roll one more time if the sum of the dice is 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10.

The second roll of the shooter, in this case yours, looks different and the targets change.

  • With the same eye sum as in the first roll, you win the game.
  • But if you roll the sum of 7, you lose and are out.
  • With all other sums of the dice eyes you can play again.

If you win, you can keep the dice and continue playing. You may not take any money out of the bank until you finish the game and give up the dice. If you lose, you may play again and roll the dice, but you must place a new bet. However, if you roll a seven on the second roll, you must pass the dice.

Betting options in Craps

At the live table as well as in the online slot you place your bet. There are fixed betting odds for each combination. You should familiarise yourself with them so that you do not take too much risk. The usual bet is a line bet. This is the easiest. We will list all the options here. Don’t be put off by the many options, because the playing field in craps can confuse some beginners. Below are the different betting options:

  • Pass Line
    You bet on the shooter to win. So you assume a 7 or 11 on the first roll or the point comes. If he throws a number of crabs, the bet is lost.
  • Don’t Pass Line
    In this case you bet on the opposite of the pass line. That is, that the shooter loses. In this case, his loss would bring you a profit. You can withdraw the bet after each round.
  • Come
    On the second roll, you bet on the point number that was determined in the first roll. If seven is thrown in this round, then unfortunately you have also lost, just like the shooter.
  • Don’t Come
    The opposite of the come bet is the seven. The shooter would lose and you would win with this bet. You can take back the bet at any time.
  • Place
    With a Place bet you can bet on the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. Whenever the exact sum of the dice appears, you win. This applies from the second roll until a seven appears and the shooter loses.
  • Proposition
    This is a special feature that not every online game offers. If the opportunity arises, you can bet on a specific roll. One possibility would be “Hard Ways”, which are better known as double numbers for the eye sum 4, 6, 8 and 10.
  • Field
    Here you bet on field sections that contain certain number sequences. These include the numbers 2, 3, 4, 10, 11 and 12. This sounds like a good bet, but the other numbers appear much more often, at least statistically.
  • Big-Six / Big-Eight
    The bets are placed at the corners of the craps table. You bet on the six or eight being rolled directly before the seven.

The many betting options may seem complicated at first, but they reveal themselves in the game. The good thing about online games is that you don’t have to be afraid to try something out. In the real casino, the game can happen very quickly. As a beginner, you may feel that you can’t keep up so quickly and therefore don’t dare. With online Craps, it is easier and may even take away your first inhibitions.

Tips and tricks for a successful Craps game

The roll of the dice decides whether you win or lose in Craps. There is no real strategy for Craps. You can only think about how you place your bets. It does not matter whether you play as a shooter or a fader. If in doubt, bet in such a way that you do not lose too much. In the end, luck decides how the dice will fall and what the sum of the dice will be. However, with the low house edge, the chances of winning are very good. With the following tips, you can at least ensure good entertainment while playing:

  • The most important rule for any game is that you only play with a reputable provider. It is best to choose an online casino that you can find on This way you know that every game is handled fairly.
  • For your first few tries, stick to pass line or don’t pass line bets. They are the easiest and have the lowest house edge. This gives you the best odds.
  • Don’t play with too much money right away, but choose a game where small bets are possible.
  • You should not place bets that are only valid for one roll. The game is very fast and you can sometimes lose your bet faster than you realise.
  • If possible, try craps in a free demo version first. Then you know how the game works and what happens in the game. Afterwards you can switch to the real money mode. If there is craps in the live casino, it is also possible under certain circumstances to just watch.
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