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Important information about autoplay features

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Autoplay function for slots

Online casinos offer you a variety of exciting games. You have the choice between different providers, themes, functions and winnings. You will always find a slot machine that suits you. The elaborate graphics and animations provide special fun. You are literally taken on a journey into another world of gambling. The slots are all different, but there is one popular feature that is present in many of them. This is the autoplay function.

You usually press play on each game round to get the reels moving. When they stop, you will see your score and the individual paylines. If you win, your balance will increase. If you have unlocked the bonus game, it will start and you will have more chances to win. Otherwise, the game ends and you have to press “Play” again for the next game round so that the reels spin. If you plan to play several rounds, you may not want to press the start button for each spin. That’s what the autoplay function is for.

You can select how many rounds are to be started automatically. The total stake remains the same each round and there is no pause between games. Once a round is finished, the next game starts immediately. After the number of rounds you have selected, the game stops and you can start it again manually. However, it should be said in advance that you have to be careful with this function. If several rounds are played in succession, you must remember how high the total stakes are. Otherwise, the autoplay feature can cause your balance to decrease in a short period of time.

How Autoplay works

The autoplay feature can be quite useful, but you need to know how to set it up beforehand. Under no circumstances should you simply switch it on blindly, otherwise your credit will be used in no time. To do this, press the autoplay button and a settings window should open. Here you can set how many spins should be played. This varies from software provider to software provider. The selection can range from 10 to 1000 game rounds.

When you then start, the number of spins still outstanding is counted down. So you know exactly how many times the game will start automatically. You can also cancel at any time in between. If you suddenly change your mind, you don’t have to wait until the countdown is over. If you want to change the game or start it yourself again, you can stop Autoplay at any time.

But always remember to adjust your bets beforehand. You can set the bet per payline before you activate autoplay. It is best to keep an eye on the total bet. It is then deducted per game round, which should not cause any surprises.

Different autoplay options

The variant described above is the standard autoplay function. Nowadays, modern slots have much more detailed setting options. This gives you more control over the game. By default, you set the game rounds, your bet and maybe the number of paylines. Then you press start and the automated play starts.

In the more complex slots, you can make the following settings:

  • Number of game rounds
  • Winning amount
  • Loss limit
  • Free Games Trigger
  • Bonus Games Trigger

At the respective settings, the automated game ends and you have to take over manually. Especially the loss limit and the target win allow more control over the game despite the automatic play. Thus, the feature is individually adjustable and can be adapted to you. This allows you to play responsibly and have fun at all times.

Bonus rounds with autoplay

The autoplay function is used so that you don’t have to restart every game round. But what does it look like when a bonus round is activated in the game? That depends entirely on the different games. First of all, there are the older simple slots. You can only select the number of game rounds and make no other settings. If you get a bonus, it is usually free spins and there is no extra bonus game. In this case, the free spins also start by themselves. However, the autoplay countdown is paused in time.

The elaborate modern slots often have a real bonus game in the programme. In this case, autoplay is interrupted and you have to play the bonus game yourself. There is the exception that you can choose in the settings to play bonus rounds automatically as well. Then you can simply watch what winnings you achieve without having to become active yourself. The games of the individual software providers differ greatly from each other. Therefore, you must inform yourself well in advance. Check whether you can make settings and how autoplay can be controlled.

Autoplay in online slots and other games

The QuickSpin or Autoplay function is available in many online slots. It can make playing easier and more comfortable. It is rarely offered on other games. Sometimes this function is available for Blackjack slots. But otherwise you will rarely find such a feature in the classic table games. With Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, etc. you have to make too many decisions, which Autoplay cannot simply take away from you. Here, your strategy is decisive whether you win or lose.

There are poker machines with a limited automated play function. You have to place your bets and then you can switch to an autoplay function. The programme then decides on the best strategy and also which cards you should keep in your hand. The question is whether you will still have as much fun as if you were playing yourself. Especially since you have to become active yourself in every game and only the last steps are taken over by the automatic system. To learn different strategies, it might be worthwhile if you observe closely. But a video poker slot with strategy recommendations is certainly more useful.

Advantages of the Autoplay function

The function has some advantages for some players. We will try to name the most important ones. It always depends on your personal playing behaviour. Maybe this feature is not suitable for you, but you have to find out for yourself.

  • It saves you time and above all the constant manual starting of a game round. Of course, this can also take some of the fun out of the game. You only watch and are no longer actively involved.
  • It is individually adjustable, so you can decide for yourself when and how often you want to use this function.
  • You can sit back and relax and hope for your luck or be all the more happy about every win.
  • You have your hands free and can do other tasks while you play.

Disadvantages of the Autoplay function

Of course, there are always critical voices and negative sides. Again, a lot of this is an individual decision. Not every point may apply to you, but for other players it is a negative aspect.

  • All stakes of the game rounds are the same, you cannot switch between different bets or adjust them again and again.
  • Your balance can be used up faster than normal. You must therefore always add up your total bet and the number of rounds. Otherwise your account will be empty and you will make losses.
  • The automatic start of the games takes away the excitement and the active playing. You can only watch and are no longer involved. This can quickly lead to boredom.
  • You can quickly lose control when you play with the autoplay function. Because you play faster than usual and don’t realise how much you have already lost.

Due to legal regulations, autoplay may not be available in your country. In some cases, only limited use is possible by taking breaks between games. You can find out if autoplay is available by checking your country’s regulations. If you are unsure, the customer support team of your online casino can help you at any time.

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