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Main functions of slots explained

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Origin of slot machines

The German inventor and emigrant Charles Fey is today considered the inventor of slot machines. At the end of the 19th century, Fey, who was already living in America, tinkered with a machine. He converted the poker machines of the time into a three-reel slot. In doing so, he invented the forerunner of today’s slot machines. You might also associate the one-armed bandits with a slot machine. They stood in the casinos and the reels were set in motion with a lever. A random number generator has always determined the win or loss on the machines. Over the years, of course, the games were adapted more and more. First there was the step from mechanical to automatic slots. Later, video slots were introduced. However, these were met with great scepticism at the beginning.

In the meantime, you can find a large selection in the online casinos. Among them are video slots and 3D slots. With elaborate graphics and animations, they have nothing in common with the original ‘Liberty Bell’ except for the reels. This was the name of the first slot that Fey brought to the market back then. Now you can find thousands of different slots that still work according to the same random principle as back then. However, the themes and the representations have changed to a large extent. Some classic symbols have remained and can still be found on the reels today.

The way from the casino to the internet

Slot machines used to be found in bars. There was usually only a single game hanging there. With its flashing lights, it encouraged people to play. When the first one-armed bandits were installed in casinos, a real success story began. The visitors liked to play with the machines, so the areas became larger and more machines were set up. In Las Vegas, there are entire halls filled with slot machines. The flashing lights and sounds of the slots create a flair all their own. When the internet entered private households, it was only a matter of time before entertainment was also used online. Microgaming was one of the first online casinos. Today, the provider still exists and develops its own games that can be found in almost every casino.

The video slots were already available in the slot machines. Therefore, the step into the internet was not too difficult. Popular games of the real casinos were simply reprogrammed and could be offered online. Today, many more people can access and be reached at the same time via the internet. The advancement of technology in particular has contributed to the transformation of slots. Fast internet has also made high-resolution graphics possible without transmission problems.

Therefore, today you can find 3D slots and animated video slots to entertain you. Live casino streaming is no longer a problem. In addition to the PC, you can easily play on the go in the browser thanks to HTML5 technology. All the games are optimised for play on smartphones and tablets. You don’t have to go to a casino any longer, you always have it in your pocket. It’s available whenever and wherever you want to play.

Slots variations

Slots differ from each other and there are several variants. Especially in the online casino you can find all categories. The selection is huge and games of all kinds are offered. As a rule, you will find the best software developers in the industry. In order to be able to distinguish between the individual slots, you should know which variants there are.

  • Classic slot machines
    These slots are reminiscent of the beginnings of slot machines. They usually have only three reels and only a few paylines. It is simple but by no means boring. You quickly learn how they work and recognise a win even at a glance. There is no distraction by extra features and special symbols.
  • Video Slots
    The next generation were the video slots. They often have five reels and a large number of paylines. Animations made them stand out from their predecessors. It became a real experience to start one of the slots. There are also many special features. Starting with special symbols like scatters and wilds to bonus games, there is a lot more.
  • 3D Slots
    Slots have moved away from traditional graphics. The simple 2D graphics have become obsolete. Modern 3D technology makes the video animations even more realistic and tangible.
  • Progressive Jackpot Slots
    Jackpot slots are popular and the amount of progressive jackpots is still increasing. It grows continuously. This is because with every game round that a player starts, part of the stake goes into the winnings. Results are big winnings. Some of them have already broken records.
  • Brand Slots
    More and more bands, films and series are entering into cooperation with software developers. This way they get their own slots and are additionally marketed. Fans of the brands are happy about the new slots.
  • Special Slots
    There are always special slots for holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween or Easter. They are based on the holidays and are often only available for a short time in the online casinos.

All the slot machines can then be divided into further genres. This way you can sort them according to your taste. Especially if you don’t know exactly which slots you want to play. Therefore you can find the ideal selection for you and choose your favourite slot.

Play slots with real money

Once you have loaded funds into your account, you can play your favourite slot with real money. This has the great advantage that you can keep your winnings. When you make a deposit, you can usually even get a bonus. This allows you to play the first rounds of the slot without risk. However, you have to pay attention to the bonus conditions. Normally, you have to wager the amount several times before you can withdraw it.

When wagering, you must always pay attention to the total wager. Depending on which slot machine you choose, your bet is per payline. You can usually set your bet and the number of lines under the reels. This allows you to control each game individually. Pay attention to the differences between the slots, so that you don’t accidentally play a round with a high bet and be surprised. Each slot has three important functions independent of the special functions in video slots.


On the individual reels are the symbols. In the past, they were round and spun. Despite the automatic video slots, the visual appearance has been retained. When you start the game, these reels rotate and are arranged next to each other. The random generator determines which symbols appear when the reels stop spinning. The symbols then form a winning combination at the end. If no identical symbols appear or if none of the combinations come up, then you have lost.


The paylines are predefined patterns on the reels. In classic slots, there are only a few and simple lines. While in video slots hundreds of patterns are possible. They can run diagonally or in a zig-zag pattern. There are hardly any limits and the number of paylines can be determined by you. With many paylines, the chances of winning are better. However, even in this case there is never a guarantee of winning. With fixed paylines, you have no choice but to play all the lines. Matching symbols on the lines result in a win. Some symbols, on the other hand, have a special function and act like a joker.


You always have to decide how much you want to bet. With flexible paylines, you must always pay attention to the total bet, as you often set a bet per line. You can control the stake on the game interface. Each game has a minimum bet and a maximum bet that cannot be exceeded. However, always be aware that you can lose your bet. A high bet does not guarantee a win. Check out our guide to responsible gambling for more information.

Bonus Games for Online Slots

Modern video slots often have additional features. While classic slots concentrate only on the maingame. To stand out from the competition and make the games even more exciting, video slots have bonus features. Sometimes the bonus games are even mini games that are completely different from the actual game. This not only provides variety, but also special winnings. There is also a whole range of other special functions.

  • Free spins
    With free spins, you simply win free rounds in the normal game. You continue to play without any bet being deducted from your balance. In addition, multipliers are often added to the free spins. This allows you to multiply a possible win. A win during the free spins is usually worthwhile. It is also possible to activate further free spins in the free round.
  • Pick Bonus
    This is a bonus game where you click on different symbols. Unknown to you, you choose your own reward. They turn over and only then do you find out what you have won. You can win free credits, free spins, multipliers and other rewards.
  • Bonus trail
    The path is basically like the self-select bonus. You walk down a path and have to pick random symbols. However, there are no rewards hidden under all symbols. Some contain a trap. If you select one of them, the prizes are lost. If you make it to the end of the path and uncover only prizes, you can enjoy many rewards.
  • Gamble function
    The gamble function allows you to increase your winnings. This is a simple game. For example, you bet on whether a red or black card will be revealed. If you are right, you double your winnings. If you are wrong, you lose your winnings. You can do this several times in a row. Alternatively, you can fold at any time and keep your winnings until then. This adds to the thrill because you have a 50:50 chance of doubling your winnings or losing them completely in each round.

Special symbols in video slots

Besides the bonus rounds, there are also special symbols. They either help you to win the bonus game or provide additional chances of winning. These are the already mentioned wilds and scatters. If you know which symbols they are, playing is even more fun.

  • Wilds
    The symbol can primarily substitute for other symbols to make a winning combination. In some slots, the wilds have even been extended. Now there can also be stacked wilds in some games. This means that several appear one after the other and increase the winnings. Sticky wilds stay directly in their position on the reel for several rounds. This gives you the chance to win for several game rounds. There are also expanding wilds. They multiply and expand on a reel. If you catch a multiplier wild, winning combinations with the wild are also multiplied. Incidentally, a combination of the different wilds is also possible.
  • Scatter
    The scatter symbols provide bonus games. They often don’t even have to be on a winning line. It is enough if at least three of them appear on the reels. They activate a bonus game or free spin rounds.

Slots offer you a wide range of entertainment with their different functions, themes and designs. Especially the video slots with bonus and special functions provide an exciting variety. This makes them even more entertaining and you can benefit from additional winnings.

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