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Online bonus buy slots explained simply

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Video Slot Bonus Games

Today’s slots all originated with the one-armed bandit. A lot has happened since the mechanical slot machine where you had to pull down a lever to start it. Slots have gone digital and have changed a lot. But the random principle still determines whether you win or lose. Slots have evolved and now have more reels, different themed worlds and are even available in 3D.

The software developers have come up with detailed graphics and high-resolution animations to entertain you even better. Competition among each other has grown as the number of games has increased. Now every manufacturer is thinking of new features. You should not get bored and that is why there are more and more specials in a slot. Excitement and uniqueness have become so important that it is impossible to imagine a game without them.

The classic slot machines have a nostalgic effect, the new video slots need their own feature. And in this case, these are the bonus rounds and features. The bonus games are sometimes more in demand than the main game. This only serves to get the right symbols, which then activate the bonus game.

Bonus Buy Feature in Online Slots

Modern video slots are not only exciting and thrilling, they also have attractive winnings in the bonus game. Many customers only eagerly await the bonus game because they know there is a lot to be won. The multipliers are usually very high, so that a win can multiply quickly. However, it is not that easy to start a bonus game. You need very specific symbols and then at least three times so that they form a combination. The combination then unlocks the feature with the bonus game. You have probably already thought that it is hardly possible to start the game.

Big Time Gaming then came up with the idea of the feature drop in 2017. They made the first game where you can just buy the bonus feature. You don’t have to play as long until the right symbols appear. You can buy the bonus feature so that it starts immediately. At Big Time Gaming you can reduce the prize by collecting tokens as you play. When you have collected enough, you can redeem them directly.

Activating the bonus game

BTG immediately secured and protected the Bonus Buy feature. However, it was so well received that other developers also wanted to use the feature. Since then, the feature can also be integrated into other providers with a licence. If you look for it in an online casino today, you will find many games where it is integrated. Basically, the games are no different from other slots. The only difference is that you can start a bonus game immediately with the feature drop. You simply buy the activation of the bonus game. And then you can start the free spins and hope for one of the attractive winnings.

Discussions about Bonus Buy Slots

Since the introduction of the first Bonus Buy features, there have been constant discussions about them. For this reason, you must always check whether it is available in your country. There are country regulations that prohibit this special feature to protect players. The argument against the bonus buy option is that players will spend more money on the slot than they otherwise would.

Of course, there are always supporters of the special feature. They counter the argument that players are more likely to lose control of their gaming behaviour while chasing a bonus. So the function would be positive because you don’t have to play many rounds to start a bonus game, but it can be started immediately and at a manageable price.

Bonus Buy Slots Information

The bonus buy option sounds very simple and fun, but you need to have some information first. Only then can you decide if you want to go for it.

With the first feature drop, Big Time Gaming introduced an innovation. Today it is an integral part of many slots. The price is very moderate in the BTG games compared to the big wins you can win in the bonus game. The 50-100x is charged for the bonus games. By playing the main game, however, you can collect tokens that can be used to lower the prize. If you have enough tokens, you even get the bonus game for free.

You will find this function more and more often with other providers. A moderate price has always been well argued. After all, you have better chances of winning with the instant bonus function. In the bonus game, the RTP is higher than in the main game. This means that you can also achieve better winnings. That is why it is interesting for so many. Because in the bonus games you can always achieve the best winnings.

Start Bonus Feature immediately

The bonus purchase options are very popular and inspire more and more players. Because many are just eagerly awaiting the bonus round. The waiting time until the time finally comes and a game is activated is now over. You can save yourself the wait by switching directly to the slot feature and starting it. You can then secure high multipliers and rich winnings. This can quickly make the extra expense worthwhile.

Some regulators are still debating whether the feature should be banned or allowed to stay. Until then, you have to make sure that your favourite slot has such a function and that you can use it. There are even slots that no longer have a base game, but they are just a bonus buy slot. If you find that the feature is no longer available, you can ask the casino’s customer support. Often it’s just because the games have been restricted. Most of the time, this is done to comply with country regulations.

Reasons for Bonus Buy Slots

Bonus buy is very popular and there are reasons why players opt for the feature. In online casinos you will find the offers more and more often. However, you must always compare whether it is really worth investing the extra money. Sometimes the prices are utopian and out of all proportion to the profit you can achieve. But the slot should be checked in advance anyway. It is also about the RTP, because if it is much too low anyway, the game is not worthwhile. But now back to the reasons that speak for the Bonus Buy option.

Immediate start of the bonus round

It is obvious that the first point has to be the activation of the bonus round. The Main Game is certainly exciting as well. Especially the way to the bonus game makes you hope for it with every spin. But if you already know the slots well enough, you can save yourself the waiting time and start directly in the bonus game. Boredom is thus defeated and you get exactly the gaming experience you were hoping for.

Better chances of winning in the bonus game

Furthermore, you simply have better chances of winning in the bonus game. It’s no secret that the most winnings are in the bonus rounds. If you are not playing a progressive jackpot, then you have the best chances there. Chance should help you in advance. Because only if at least three of the scatter symbols appear can the feature game be started. You can also get your winning combinations, symbols, wilds and of course multipliers. When you consider how high your winnings can increase with the multipliers. Then again, it’s worth the extra price and well worth it. Unfortunately, there is no win guarantee with the Bonus Buy. Therefore, the assumption is only theoretical that the investment in the bonus function is really worth it.

Higher RTP (return to player)

With many slots, the RTP changes as soon as the bonus game opens. If you look at the information of the slot machine, you will find two different values. The lower RTP is always for the base game. Whereas the higher value is active in the bonus game. It does not matter whether you have bought or won access. You automatically play with the higher RTP after buying the bonus rounds. This directly increases your chance of winning.

Playing responsibly with bonus buy slots

It is always important that you play responsibly. This applies to all games and not only to the bonus buy slot. However, the feature is no more dangerous than other games. To really play responsibly, you should use the settings options of the casinos. This way you can control your own gaming behaviour. Set yourself deposit limits, time limits for a session, and win and loss limits. This will remind you when it’s time for a break or you can’t deposit any more.

The slots offer you a lot of entertainment, variety and better chances of winning with their special game. However, you should not buy bonus rounds exclusively. This can be very expensive in the long run. If your winnings are not higher than your bet, then the costs would not be profitable. Therefore, always pay attention to your stake. After all, the price is based on the percentage of the stake and is then calculated many times higher.

Always watch your budget

Nevertheless, you should also take a look at the basic games. If you play the normal game in the slot every now and then, you will appreciate a bonus buy much more and look forward to it. This saves you and your credit the massive costs for each additional round. You always have to make sure that your budget is not exhausted. If you lose, never borrow money to “win” it back. This only leads to more frustration.

More detailed information on responsible gambling in online casinos is available in a separate guide. Here you will learn how to regularly control your gambling behaviour and your attitude towards gambling. It is important that you answer the self-monitoring questions honestly at all times.

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