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Online casino games – the most important information

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Games in the online casino

When you embark on the adventure of gambling, you will notice that there are so many differences. Just the selection of different slots, the different themes and various special functions. To keep an overview, it is important to know what to expect in the online casino. The offer in the real casino is usually manageable. While there are so many games on the internet that you can’t even try them all. With this guide, we have summarised the most important information for you. This gives you a practical overview of the differences between the slots. You will know which games to expect when you register at the online casino.

Difference between PC and Mobile Casino

Meanwhile, every online casino also offers a mobile-optimised version. You can access the entire range of games with your smartphone or tablet at any time. In the past, there were big differences. The desktop versions on the PC were much better. But today there is no difference at all. All games of the renowned providers are adapted for mobile use. There are even new releases that are only oriented to mobile devices. With fast internet on the go and modern technology, slots become fun on the go. High-resolution graphics and animations of the slots support the experience. A download is also no longer necessary. You can play in the mobile browser anytime and anywhere. It is then more a personal feeling where the game is more fun. Live casino games in particular are certainly more realistic on a larger display, but that is then only due to the size of the screen.

The Best Slot Machine Developers

Online casinos offer you a large selection of games. Among them are usually the best software developers in the industry. They are not only relevant for their games. Renowned software companies ensure the seriousness of the online casinos at the same time. The game manufacturers choose very well who they work with. It includes only reputable platforms and this is also carefully checked in advance of a cooperation.

The largest software companies have made a name for themselves in the industry over the years. They have brought the most popular games to the market and constantly provide new titles. If you already know which your favourite games are, you can search for them directly. The games in the online casino can often be sorted by manufacturer. If you are still unsure, you should test different providers. You can sort the games by theme. This way you can easily choose your favourite theme, such as mystical Egypt, diamonds, gods, etc. The slots of the different game providers can then be compared even more easily and tested one after the other.

In addition to the market leaders in the industry, there are also small studios. The small ones develop just as exciting games and it is definitely worth trying out some of them. They are just as fun and exciting and some of them have interesting functions. This is how they differ from the classic slots. With the small studios you will also notice the details with which they have been programmed. It is best to look through the online casino of your choice to see which providers are represented. The market leaders can be found almost everywhere:

  • Microgaming
    Probably the oldest company for online slots is Microgaming. They were the pioneers and started with their own online casino. For quite some time now, they have only been concentrating on developing games that can be found everywhere. Every month they release an average of two new games, which means the selection keeps growing. They definitely offer good entertainment, which makes games from Microgaming always a good idea.
  • NetEnt
    Net Entertainment, better known to most as NetEnt, are at the absolute top of the industry. They set new standards in innovation and quality. NetEnt’s video slots are among the most popular on the market. It is impossible to imagine the gaming landscape without them. You can always be excited when a new slot comes on the market. Boredom is not guaranteed with these games. Besides slots, they also have many other games on offer. This also includes some live casino games. The focus is not on live dealer games, but they round off the offer.
  • Evolution Gaming
    The undisputed market leader for live casino games is Evolution Gaming. They focused on live table games early on and the strategy worked. The live broadcasts are unbeatable in terms of quality. They operate their own studios for the high-resolution streamings. Besides the classic table games in different variations, they also offer other live entertainment games. In doing so, they have come up with some innovations. These include Monopoly Live, Lightning Roulette, Dreamcatcher and many other games. After a short time, many of them have already become customer favourites. So it remains exciting to see which innovative games are still to come.

Variety of games in the online casino

If you think that you will only find slots in the online casino, then you are wrong. There is a wide variety of games waiting for you. In addition to the classic slots and video slots, there are also many different table games. There is also keno, scratch cards and video poker. So everyone can find what they are looking for and be entertained. So that you know how varied and extensive the offer is, we have put together some information for you.


Slots are definitely the most popular games in the online casino. You will find thousands of them at only one provider and each of them is different. New ones are constantly being added to the market. So you won’t get bored and there is always something new to try out. The slot machines can be classified into different categories and thus distinguished. There are classic slots, video slots, 3D slots, progressive slots, Vegas slots and high roller slots. As a subcategory, you can then divide them again according to theme or game genre. There are so many that we can’t even list them all. In the most popular ones, you can also go treasure hunting in mystical Egypt. But sagas about the gods or other adventure themes are also very popular. Just like diamonds or animated slots that put you in a good mood. In recent years, branded slots have been released more and more frequently. No matter if bands, series or big movies and their legends – they all have their own slot by now.

By selecting the game genres, you can find the right slots from different software developers. You can compare them directly with each other and quickly find your favourite slot. Of course, you can always change the slots yourself for variety. The random generator decides when the reels stop. You can decide whether you want to play with three or five reels. In addition, the slots differ in the paylines. You have to decide beforehand what is important to you and what is the most fun.

The classic slots concentrate purely on the combinations of the reels and have only a few paylines. Modern video slots, on the other hand, have hundreds of paylines and, above all, a large number of special functions. These include special wild and scatter symbols. There are also bonus games that liven up the maingame a bit. This gives you more excitement and entertainment. You can also win big in the free spins rounds of the bonus games. By the way, we will explain the functions of the slots in an extra guide.

Table games

They are certainly among the most traditional games in online casinos. You used to find these games in every real casino. You take a seat at one of the tables and can play along.

  • Roulette
    The game with the roulette wheel into which the ball is thrown comes in different versions. As a rule, you will find French (European) roulette and American roulette. But in all games, the object is to place your bet on one of the numbers. You can also bet on the colours red or black, as well as series of numbers or combinations of four. If the ball stops on your number, you can win up to 36 times your bet.
  • Blackjack
    There are many different variations of Blackjack. Basically the aim is always to beat your opponent, in this case the dealer. To do this, the value of your cards must be higher than the other hand. However, the value must not exceed 21. Therefore, it is often a risk to take an extra card. You can also find more information about Blackjack in the special guide to the game.
  • 3 Card Poker
    The card game is about straigths, flushes, pairs and trips like poker. But in a smaller version. While you can usually combine five cards in poker, in this case it is limited to only three cards. You have to outplay your opponents or the croupier to win.
  • Baccarat
    Baccarat is a classic card game. Here you have to try to get as close as possible to 9. You play against others or the croupier. An interesting aspect is that you do not only have to try to outdraw the other player. You can also bet on the other person winning or on a draw. So you can bet against yourself to win. What sounds a bit complicated at first makes the game all the more exciting.
  • Craps
    This is a high-tempo game made famous by many films. It involves two dice and you have to guess the next roll. You can place your bet on the eyes of the dice. If you are right, you can win a considerable amount of money. However, the risk is greater than in card games.

Video poker

In video poker you have no direct opponents. You play against the slot and receive five cards. As in other poker games, you have the chance to discard cards and receive new ones in return. Depending on which cards are in your hand, you win or lose. Video poker is perfect for beginners. You don’t have to concentrate on other players, but can try out the game at your leisure.

Live Casino Games

The Live Casino games are an extensive category. Basically, the table games with a live dealer can be found here. Due to the innovations of the market leader Evolution Gaming, new games have been added in recent years. The live games transport the true flair of a casino visit directly to your home. You can also access them on the go. Just make sure you have a good internet connection. The games are streamed live. So if you don’t have internet for a short time, the game will continue without you. Live casino games with a real croupier include:

  • Live Roulette
  • Live Blackjack
  • Live Baccarat
  • Live Casino Hold’em
  • Live 3-Card Poker
  • Live Entertainment Games

When looking for a table, you can always look at the stakes. There are closed tables for high rollers with high stakes, but also some with low stakes for beginners. The live entertainment games are particularly interesting. Innovative games are hidden behind them. Evolution Gaming has created many customer favourites with these innovations. Among them are Dreamcatcher, Lightning Roulette and Monopoly Live. These games promise a lot of entertainment and a change from the classic table games.

Keno Games

If you don’t know Keno yet, you should give it a try. It is a combination of Lotto and Bingo. There are 80 numbers, 20 of which are drawn at random. You have to match the numbers. Depending on the number, you should have between 2-10 numbers correct. Then you get a reward. The more numbers you guess correctly, the better the prize. So you pick numbers like in the lottery yourself. But you need matches like in bingo. It’s exciting until the very last moment and even the last number drawn can still change your result for the better.

Scratch cards

Scratch cards are fun for in-between. Originally, you might have known them as small printed cards. There was a field on the card that you had to scratch off. Here we have the same game in a digital version. You can move the mouse over the field and scratch it digitally. If you like it easier, the numbers behind them also appear with a mouse click. You can see immediately whether you have won or lost. The games are suitable for in-between and are often available in different versions.

With all games, you have to decide which ones are the most fun for you. But with this you know at least a part of the range of all games in the online casino. There are too many to test every single one. But with your personal preferences, you can narrow down the choices and find your favourites. Always remember to play responsibly and have fun.

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