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Overview of different themed online slots

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Popularity of online casinos

In recent years, online casinos have experienced a great influx. Many players have discovered the advantages of the platforms and have been using them ever since. The games on offer on the internet are available around the clock and you don’t have to comply with any dress code. In addition, you don’t have to travel and can play from the comfort of your own home. Thanks to the development of technology, you can also play in the mobile browser on your smartphone or tablet.

In the meantime, more and more customers tend to use mobile casinos. With it, you can simply play anytime and anywhere. Fast internet connections on the move make it possible. And today’s smartphones can play high-resolution streams. This gives you the same gaming fun as on the PC and the quality of the slots does not suffer.

Differences between online slots

A lot has happened in the last few years with slot machines, too. The differences between online slots are great. On the one hand, there are the classic slots, which usually still have 3-reels and only a few paylines. On the other hand, there are video slots with five reels and many paylines. High-resolution graphics and animations provide the best entertainment. You can dive into a completely different world and enjoy the games. The slots are also available in 3D and virtual reality will certainly play an important role in the future.

Different themes for online slots

Slot machines on the internet have not only developed visually. There are a variety of different themes for online slots. You can always find a suitable game and let yourself be carried away by the themed worlds. We have written this guide to give you an overview of the most popular slot themes. Always make sure that you play in a reputable online casino. You can find more information on how to find a reputable provider and play responsibly in the respective guide sections.

Action and Adventure

If you’re looking for entertainment, then Action and Adventure Slots are for you. They are exciting in themselves and often even more realistic with animation or in 3D. They offer pure excitement and it doesn’t matter if you go on safari and search for the Big Five. A treasure hunt on a desert island or maybe you go on a criminal hunt with superheroes and have to save the world. The video slots have additional features and bonus games that won’t let you get bored.

Ancient Civilisations

This is a section that is probably one of the most popular of all. The Egypt theme actually stands for itself once again. Because there are so many slots that go in search of the treasure of the pharaohs. But other ancient cities and ruins also serve as the backdrop for the slot machines. During the treasure hunt, many bonus games and features always await you. The video slots are almost all of outstanding quality. Embark on a mystical journey to the pyramids or on the hunt for Mayan riches. In any case, you are in good company, because the most played games can be found in the category.


Luck plays a big role in Asian countries. Colours and symbols in everyday life mean a lot and can be transferred very well to slots. Therefore, you will usually find the golden lion or dragon in the games. Equally important is the colour red, the lotus flower and the lucky number 8, which appears again and again. The millennia-old history of the individual countries also serves as a source of ideas for many new high-quality slot machines. Creative animations and the appropriate background music make these games even more entertaining.

Famous brands

Fans of great musicians, actors or famous brands play a decisive role in the slots. This is because the brand slots are a kind of merchandise of the famous brands. At the same time, they serve as a tribute to world stars or brands that have made it to world fame. The most diverse brands and celebrities offer an ideal theme world with well-known symbols. But these games are not only for fans. You’ll notice that most slots are designed with a lot of attention to detail, so they’re fun for everyone. The selection of brands is so large that the individual slots could not be more different.


The fantasy slots also serve a wide field. Starting with star galaxies or aliens to elves, orcs, dragons, dwarfs and wizards. The fairy tale world also falls into this category. Themes that are not quite so commonplace and with which you can travel to another world are the focus. In recent years, the film world has also increasingly offered many fantasy themes. This has also increased the interest in special slots. You should get involved in the mystical journey. Discover the fantasy world of slots with its animations and high-resolution graphics.


The slots don’t let holidays just pass by. In the online casino you can get in the mood for Christmas. Welcome the New Year with a slot to match. Easter is of course all about the Easter bunny and the egg hunt. Halloween is rather spooky, but entertainment always comes first. No matter what holiday is coming up, there are slot machines to match. The best thing about it is that most online casinos offer a bonus. Especially for the holiday season, you can get a bonus with which you can test the holiday slots directly.


You are a fan of scary stories and horror movies. Not only at Halloween are there dark slots that will give you the creeps. Vampires in particular are always a popular theme. But there are many more. Not all of them are really scary. There are also some funny slots that revolve around monsters. And they are anything but scary. In comic style or with funny animations, they hang around on the reels and tend to put you in a good mood. But if it’s scary you’re after, then there are slots that are dark and spooky.


Many legends and stories revolve around Ireland. The slots here are usually very green and sparkle golden. It stands to reason that many slots are dedicated to the Emerald Isle. Four-leaf clovers, rainbows, leprechauns and fairies are part of every story here. The symbols are then found on the reels and are supposed to bring you luck. Anyone who has heard an Irish story knows that a leprechaun usually also has a pot of gold. This is the right symbol to secure a win. Let yourself be infected by the good mood of the island, enjoy the background music and the funny symbols in every game.


Big Hollywood movies that almost everyone knows have made it to the online casino. They usually have typical symbols that can easily be used to fill the reels. The theme music of a movie or series adds the finishing touch. You don’t always have to watch your favourite film, you can also play it here. Among them are also classics of the film industry that provide more nostalgic moments. They don’t play on the big screen, but you can start them whenever you feel like it.


Legends and mythologies have a very special charm. Get involved in an adventure with Zeus or the other Greek gods. Mythology did not only take place in ancient Greece, there are many slots around the theme. If Fortuna is on your side, you can win with the gods. Many legends are told, but here you can experience them directly and have them appear on the reels for you.

Of course, these are not all the themes of the slot machines. The selection is so large that we have only concentrated on the most popular ten categories. In your online casino you can often filter the slots. Then you can select different themes or functions and sort them accordingly.

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