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How to find the best online casinos

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Gambling on the Internet

Gambling has been around for hundreds of years, the origins of which can no longer be traced. It is still popular today and with the development of slot machines it has become more and more widespread. Slots then moved from bars and casinos to the internet. The constant progress of technologies gave rise to the first online casinos. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine what it was like without the internet. Even on the road, almost everyone has the internet with them today. If you own a smartphone or tablet, you can access it at any time.

Mobile casino games on the go make gambling limitless. You can play anytime, anywhere, if you want. Compared to the real casino, you have some advantages because you can access it around the clock. It is much more convenient to play at home on your PC or on the go on your mobile device. You can also make use of the many bonus offers. You benefit from free bonus credits that you would not get in a real casino.

This all sounds very good, but as always on the internet, you have to be careful. Unfortunately, there are always criminals who do not offer you fair play. They are only interested in data and deposit amounts. That is why we have put together this guide for you. You should know what to look out for right from the start. You will find all the information you need to find the best casinos. At we test and rate all online casinos, but you should know what is important. After all, it is not only important that an online casino is reputable. You have to find the best casino that suits you personally.

Selection criteria for the right online casino

Before you sign up with any online casino, you should compare several providers with each other. It is important to pay attention to certain selection criteria. Your personal taste and interests play the most important role. On you can find the best reputable online casinos, but you have to make a decision. So that you don’t have to register with all of them to see which provider suits you, we give you a decision-making aid. This way your gambling experience will be successful and you can be entertained.

Licence of an online casino

A licence is important to make sure that an online casino operates fairly. Unfortunately, there are sometimes illegal providers who can quickly be found on a blacklist. They don’t play fair and you can’t be sure that you will be paid out any winnings. If a provider has a licence, it is regulated by a state authority. Ongoing controls ensure that nothing is manipulated in the software. In addition, the payouts and winnings are checked. This determines whether the platform meets all the requirements for the licence. Player protection is the main focus here. But if an online casino has an official licence, then the protection of minors and the laws against money laundering are taken into account. In this way, the providers ensure a safe gaming environment in which you can play without worries.

Security measures in the online casino

When you play in an online casino, you enter personal data during registration. Payment information is also sensitive data that must be well managed. Reputable providers offer you a safe gaming environment. Check whether it is a secure website and what security measures are taken. Encrypted data transfer should be the minimum requirement. The renowned providers always work on the highest security standards. They will inform you about innovations and how secure the platform is for you as a customer.

Selection of the gaming software

One of the most important points in an online casino is, of course, the games. The software developers give you an indication of the seriousness of the platform. The renowned slot machine manufacturers only work with reputable companies. They check carefully in advance who is allowed to offer their games. If you already have experience, you might know one or two slot developers. Then you should definitely make sure that they are represented in your search. Especially if you already have a slot favourite, then you should not miss out on it when you register for the first time.

Available games in the online casino

The choice of software providers does not automatically ensure a suitable game selection. Every online casino has a different variety of games. Especially because there are different game categories. Decide on a provider that offers the best selection for you. To do this, you need to know whether you prefer to play classic slots or video slots. While some platforms have a huge range of live casino games, others only offer the minimum selection. They also differ in sports betting, poker, bingo, keno and many other game categories. So that you can have the best gambling experience, choose the widest selection for you.

Bonuses and promotions

One of the biggest advantages of playing online is the bonus promotions. No real casino will give you free credit to play with. Sometimes you get a no deposit bonus after registration. Then you can start without any risk and test the first slots. But the welcome bonus is usually worth it. You get a deposit bonus and with many even additional free spins. With the bonus, you can play more and have the chance to win on every game round.

The online casinos try to distinguish themselves from each other with their bonus offers. Not only the first offers play a role. The regular promotions that a casino offers are important for you. Therefore, think carefully about which bonus is most interesting. A large welcome bonus may not be suitable if you prefer to deposit small amounts more often. It always depends on your playing behaviour and only you can influence that. Therefore, always look at different bonus offers and don’t take the first one that comes along.

Fair bonus conditions

A free credit almost sounds too good to be true. That’s for sure, but bonus offers usually come with bonus conditions. These are also decisive for deciding whether a bonus is worthwhile for you. Because if the wagering requirements are utopian, you can’t convert your bonus into real money. On the other hand, you have to decide whether a potential payout is important to you in this case. Because if you say that you only want to play with the bonus anyway, the wagering requirements are not so relevant. If you know in advance that you will also use any winnings again, you don’t have to worry about a withdrawal option. Nevertheless, you should always inform yourself about the bonus conditions so that you know what you are getting into.

Different payment methods

If you want to play for real money, payment methods are important to you. You should be able to fill up your credit account in the most convenient way possible. A deposit is always a sensitive issue. You give your bank details and allow access to your real money. Of course, there are other methods such as wallets that offer much more security. Usually, you don’t have to worry about this with a reputable provider. They handle your data with care. However, you should think about how you want to make your deposits. Ideally, withdrawals are possible with the same method. The payment method is then already verified and you simplify the process. When choosing, make sure that your preferred payment method is available.

Customer support for you

Even in the best online casino there can be questions or problems. In such a moment, it is important to have a reliable contact person. In this case, it is the customer support. The members of the support team will always help you with your questions. This can be checked in advance. You don’t have to be registered for this. Competence and friendliness are probably the most important keywords here. You notice immediately whether you are valued as a customer and whether you are individually taken care of. A customer-oriented online casino is accessible and helpful. The big providers often even have a round-the-clock service. Small online casinos are more personal but have a live chat break at night.

In addition to the direct contact person, the general offer for loyal customers is also important. Besides special bonus offers, some casinos even have a loyalty programme. If you value this, you should see what advantages such a programme offers you. Can you collect loyalty points or not? What rewards can you get as a loyal customer? Is the loyalty programme an incentive for you to only play in one online casino?

Reviews of the online casino

Other opinions can help you with your choice. Always check what other players have to say about your chosen online casino. You will find out how other customers experienced the casino. It is possible to transfer their experiences to you so that you know what to expect.

In addition to simple customer reviews, you can find out about official awards. Every year, awards and distinctions are given out in the industry. There are many different categories. However, all of them indicate the quality of the nominees and the winners. This may help you to compare and make a decision.

Special Online Casino Types

As already mentioned, every player has a different preference. A normal casino already covers a large part, but there are also special casino types. They concentrate more on a special theme. In this case, this does not mean that they do not have a large selection. The range of games offered is always very large. However, the casinos have an exceptionally large focus in their category.

Online Social Casino

With social casinos, the focus is on all-round gaming fun. You don’t just land on a normal game page, but play in the game. When you log in, you find yourself in a complete game world. You have to fulfil various tasks and complete levels. In doing so, you collect items and trophies. You can do all this by playing and logging in regularly. You can see your progress on the platform itself. There are different themed worlds and corresponding tasks to complete. A great adventure awaits you in the social casinos and is a completely different experience from a normal online casino.

Online Sports Betting Casino

Everything about sports betting is waiting for you here. The various single bets and combination bets can be placed every day on the most diverse sporting events. System bets are also available. It’s not just about games of your favourite team, but all sports are represented. You can even find international tournaments in a sports betting casino. There are also other games, but the focus is clearly on sports betting. The relatively rare live bets can be found. So every sports fan should find a good offer.

Online Crypto Casino

More and more online casinos offer cryptocurrency as a deposit option. But there are also special online crypto casinos. They specialise in this payment option and only accept digital currency. They often have a licence in Curacao, but this does not make them any less reputable. The providers often pass on the favourable payment processing to the customers. In that case, the bonus offers are better and there are always extra rewards. The processing of deposits and withdrawals is particularly fast due to the crypto wallets. In addition, you have the great advantage that there is no conversion into other currencies. Some casinos convert cryptos because they do not make payouts to a wallet.

Online High Roller Casino

Many of the normal casinos have a VIP area. But then there are the high rollers who prefer to play in a specialised online casino. In an online high roller casino, the stakes are usually much higher. The limits are much higher and games often start for a much larger bet. The rewards are individually tailored to the customers and are subject to different conditions. This type of casino offers high rollers a particularly safe framework. Especially when it comes to high stakes, most people prefer to play undisturbed. In normal casinos there are closed gaming rooms for this purpose. In the high roller casino, players know that everyone is playing at the same level.

Find and play online casinos

With the help of our guide, you now know how to choose an online casino. You must know for yourself which of the points is important to you. The providers can all be compared and often differ in decisive features. This way you should be able to find your favourite. When you sign up, you will immediately find out whether you feel comfortable. The most important thing is that you have fun, so feeling comfortable is crucial.

If you are unsure, you might want to try an alternative. Always take advantage of the special benefits of online casinos and don’t miss out on the chance to win a bonus. Here at you will only find reputable online casinos. They are easy to compare and you can find the ideal provider for you. It is all about your gaming fun.

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