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How to recognise reputable crypto casinos

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Find crypto casinos on the internet

Online you will find a variety of ways to have fun. The exciting casino games are one of them. The choice of providers is very large. In recent years, crypto casinos have been added to the list. If you want to use the advantages of cryptos in the online casino, you have to make a decision. It is not easy to choose the right platform. You can choose an online casino that offers cryptocurrency as a payment option. Alternatively, you can find a pure crypto casino on the internet.

When you play with cryptos, your transactions are fast and secure. Another advantage is the fee. Either there are no fees or they are very low. After you make your transaction directly from the crypto account, it remains anonymous. No bank or other financial service provider has to be interposed. This also eliminates any control and you can play without any problems.

Recognising fake Bitcoin casinos

As with the online casinos, there are a few things to keep in mind for the crypto casinos. There will always be criminals on the internet. Some of them offer a fake crypto casino. There they just want your data and your crypto currencies. Look for a safe gaming environment and be careful at the crypto casino. We offer you the most important information on how you can recognise a reputable provider. For more information, we also have other crypto guides for you.

Quality of the casino games

Fake crypto casinos put up websites, but do not establish a real casino. Often you can already tell from the site itself. But if it is well made, the games are bad. The software developers only work with reputable providers. The slots are often transmitted directly from their servers. If you realise the quality of the games is worse than usual, stop playing. Of course, the connection can be bad and the quality can suffer. But most of the time it is a bad copy.

Fake games are often used when the software manufacturers don’t want to work with the platform. Are you already advanced and have started some casino games? Then you will recognise a fake immediately. But if you are new and have never played before, it will be difficult. The design is often identical. In the game itself, you will only notice it works differently than usual. If it seems strange to you or you find the slot odd, better stop playing. If you suspect something wrong, you should check the casino for its seriousness.

Slow payouts

Often you notice too late the provider is working dubiously. If you signed up too quickly and have already played, have your balance paid out. You will immediately notice if it is developing into a problem. If the casino takes a long time with the payout, be careful. Sometimes no withdrawal is made at all and you wait in vain. A reputable provider will let you know the status of your request. As soon as it is approved, you will have your money in your account within a few minutes. The withdrawal should be as quick as the deposit. It can sometimes be delayed if many customers request a withdrawal at the same time. But it won’t take longer than a day. However, make sure that your money is not tied up in bonus conditions. If you haven’t fulfilled them yet, a withdrawal will be rejected even by reputable providers.

Poor customer service

Customer support is your direct link to the online casino. When you play and wager your money on a site, you can expect good service. If you have questions or problems, a contact person must be there. The fake crypto casinos often have poor customer service. You have no choice how to reach someone. There is only an email address. When you send a request, you often don’t even get a reply. Or they take a long time and are not very helpful.

With a reputable casino, things are completely different. The providers are customer-oriented and offer you a live chat in addition to an email. This way you can quickly clarify your questions and then get back to your fun. In the past, there was often a telephone hotline. However, due to the Live Chat, these have become rather rare. So if you can’t reach a friendly member of staff and no one answers for a long time, assume it’s a fake. In this case, you should no longer spend your money in the casino. For this reason, we also recommend in our general casino guide to test the customer service before registering.

Inform yourself in advance

Fake sites are becoming better, so you can’t recognise them at first glance. To be safe, you should only play with providers that have been on the market for a while. You can also check out what others have to say about the casino. The internet is full of testimonials. We have also tested most of the reputable platforms. We only recommend the best casinos on If you want to hear others’ experiences as well as ours, there are many reviews. If you search for the casino, you will also find comments from other customers. There are many who have already played there. You will not only find positive experiences, but also negative ones. This happens occasionally even with the best providers. But you have to weigh up which experiences are more frequent.

By the way, you should start by checking the licence of every casino. The fake sites either don’t have a licence or it’s just as fake. You can check the status of every licence number at the regulatory authorities. They will show you which casino the licence belongs to. So it’s no use for the scammers to copy a legitimate number from someone. If a casino has a licence, it meets high standards. Here you are in a safe gaming environment and can register.

Tips for playing at a crypto casino

Playing in a crypto casino is not very different from playing in an online casino. This is certainly due to the fact that most online casinos have simply expanded their deposit options to include cryptos. So you access the normal offer of online casinos, but play with the cryptocurrency. There are also crypto-only casinos, they only allow crypto payments. Sometimes they have better payout ratios, higher bonuses and faster deposits and withdrawals. We have a few more tips for you.

  • Try a progressive jackpot:
    At crypto casinos, you play because you enjoy it. Everyone knows that it’s most fun when you win. But why should you settle for small wins? When you play a progressive jackpot slot, your winnings can be even bigger. The main prize is not known in advance. It grows and grows with every round the game is started by anyone. Maybe you’ll be one of the big winners soon.
  • Conscious gambling:
    When you decide to play a game, you should do it consciously. It would be a pity for the stake if you can’t enjoy the game. The reels should not spin for you if you are busy doing something else. This works for slot machines, but not for other games. If you start playing table games, you will also have to concentrate. A lot of them are about playing with a strategy. If you play deliberately, you will also know not to play too much.
  • Pay attention to payout odd:
    Fun should always be the focus. However, it is not bad to pay attention to the payout odds. Often there are different games with the same theme. If you have a choice, you should go for the one with the higher payout ratio. It’s not that easy, because there are other factors. But in general, the higher the odds, the better your chances of winning. This means that the house edge is lower and you are more likely to win.

Please don’t forget that winning in the Bitcoin Casino also involves fortune. Chance decides how a game ends and it cannot be influenced. If you want to know more, check out the other guides. If you want to play directly, you can find the best providers in our casino list and start right away.

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