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UK – Online Gambling Regulations

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Online gambling is more popular than ever in the United Kingdom. More and more people appreciate the advantages of online casinos. Fun and entertainment are always in the foreground. There are a few things to consider when gambling on the internet. We have put together a number of guides for you. You will learn everything you need to know about online casinos. Most information in these guides are general. Since there are always country-specific differences, you will find the most important rules here. Gambling laws in the UK are straightforward. However, it is good to know them.

A big advantage in the UK is that all gambling is allowed. You can also gamble everything on the internet with the providers. Betting and gambling have a long tradition. It became socially acceptable early on, while it was still forbidden in other countries. To this day, the online gambling industry in the UK is growing and customers are benefiting from the development.

Development of online gambling

As early as 2005, the Gambling Act was passed and the market in the UK was regulated. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) was founded for this purpose. From 2007, the Gambling Commission took over control of the market on the island. The high standards set by the authority and the early commitment make gambling so easy. You can be sure that you can play in reputable casinos. If the requirements of the UKGC are met, an operator gets its licence. This licence also stands for the seriousness and fairness of the casino.

The authority can not only grant the licences, but also revoke them. They control the providers and are authorised to impose penalties in case of misconduct. This ensures that online gambling is always fair and transparent. Furthermore, the UKGC prevents fraudsters from using gambling for their own ends. Money laundering is a particular focus here. In addition, special emphasis is placed on the protection of minors. Gambling should not harm vulnerable customers or lead to addiction.

In order to obtain a licence in the United Kingdom, online casinos must be based locally. Providers that are licensed elsewhere and meet the requirements will also be approved. They are allowed to offer their platform to UK players and accept customers. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission is always very strict with all providers. Any misconduct is fined immediately. If a casino is connected to criminal families or money laundering its licence is immediately revoked.

Gambling Law in the United Kingdom

As mentioned at the beginning, gambling in the UK has a long tradition. Throughout history there have been many different forms of it. Constant changes have been made to where it is allowed to take place. There have always been differences as to which people are allowed to participate at all. But in recent years, the UK gambling market has been considered one of the most liberal of all. Although there are strict rules and the UKGC also enforces these regulations, almost everything is allowed for customers. There are no restrictions as in many other countries. A provider only has to have a licence for the market. Then there is no need to be based in the UK. Anyone licensed by the UKGC is a reputable casino and may offer gambling.

The Gambling Act was amended in 2005. With this change, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission was founded. Only since then has it been possible for providers outside the UK to obtain a licence. The tax burden has also changed in the course of this. The foreign casinos have to pay the same tax rate in the UK as the British companies. The customers, on the other hand, can look forward to more security since the change. The gambling authority controls the licensed providers frequently. This can guarantee a safe gaming environment and fairness. In case of deviations from the standards, there is a penalty. In the worst case, they immediately revoke the licence and the provider ends up on a blacklist.

Changes in the law for online casinos

The gambling authorities do not only monitor the market. They also try to improve gambling in the UK. In doing so, the authority looks after both online and offline operations. Some changes to the gambling law were made in 2014.

The focus of the changes was especially on the protection of minors. But in general, a safe gaming environment should help to make the online casino positive. Today, modern technologies make it easier to verify an identity. The innovations have been adapted to modern times. It is easier than ever for the platforms to verify an age statement. A player’s personal details also need to be verified. A simple registration does not protect minors from the games. The verification process may often seem unnecessary, but it makes a lot of sense. Also from a player protection perspective. Here we have compiled some of the most important adjustments in recent years.

Customer account verification

When you register at an online casino, you now always have to verify your data. On the one hand, this serves the security of the online casino. This prevents someone from playing with a fake identity. On the other hand, you always have to have your age checked along with your ID. This means that minors no longer have the opportunity to play games of chance. They can only play for real money when they are old enough. A payout is also no longer possible without a completed verification process. If you enter falsified data, it will be noticed at the latest. In this case, your account will be blocked. Credit and any winnings would be gone in this case. This is not worthwhile, so you should enter your real data immediately.

Verification of VIPs

In the interest of responsible gaming, every VIP must be verified. Even if no payout is pending, the process must be completed. Every casino needs to know its players. Before you are given the status of a VIP or high roller, you have to submit documents. In addition to an ID, various documents are necessary. This can also include a salary certificate or proof of assets. This ensures that no one is laundering money as a high roller.

Advertising ban

Already in 2019, the gambling industry has decided to stop running advertisements during live sporting events on TV. By doing so, they are taking responsibility for safe and fair play. Initially, the ban only applied to online advertising. The voluntary commitment shows good cooperation to ensure player protection.

Credit cards are rejected

In the UK, you can no longer deposit with a credit card at an online casino. The cases of credit card debt among players have increased. Therefore, it was decided that only debit cards can be used. The temptation to invest money that does not belong to you was obviously very great. Many players are convinced that they will win. They think that borrowed money can then be paid back with a win without any problems. We have a separate guide section on responsible gambling. Here you will find more information on how to play safely and responsibly. Since the ban, it is only possible to play with your own money. But even here you should always set yourself a fixed budget so that you don’t gamble too much.

GamStop Introduction

Every online casino that wants to renew or acquire a new licence must register with GamStop. The provider must integrate and work with the self-exclusion system. GamStop is an independent institution whose programme is now integrated into every casino. If you as a player notice problematic gambling behaviour, you can exclude yourself via GamStop. This means that you will no longer be able to play at the gambling sites. A new registration will also be refused. This ensures that you do not gamble again and develop a gambling addiction.

Taxes on winnings in the online casino

When you play at an online casino, you naturally always hope to win. If you are lucky and win, you can dispose of the entire sum. Winnings from gambling are tax-free in the United Kingdom. Even professional players do not have to pay tax. It doesn’t matter whether you play online or offline. Taxes are neither deducted immediately nor do you have to declare the amount in your tax return.

However, the situation is different for the companies. If an operator is licensed in the UK, gambling taxes are due. Operators had to tax their revenue at 15% until 2019. Since then the taxes have increased to 21%. Part of this tax revenue is used for gambling addiction prevention and treatment. With the tax increase, the presumption was that many online casinos would leave the market. But the UK market is still attractive. In addition, the UKGC continues its goal of ensuring that no operators enter the market without a licence.

Legal gambling in the UK

The gambling market in the UK is of a high standard and is considered one of the most trusted gambling regions. There is a reason why so many operators want a UK licence. For licensing, you need to meet the high requirements of the UKGC. It was set up specifically to control and regulate the industry. The safety of the customers is always in the foreground. For you as a player in the UK, gambling is absolutely legal. You just have to make sure that you only play in licensed casinos. As soon as a licence from the UKGC is available, you can assume a fair gaming experience.

There are always scammers on the internet. Therefore, you should play it safe and check the casinos carefully. You should only register if they have a valid licence. On you will find the best online casinos in the United Kingdom. We test all providers ourselves and check their trustworthiness. All casinos listed with us are reputable. This saves you the long search for a suitable provider. Maybe you will find your new favourite casino in our selection.

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