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Live Casinos – advantages and disadvantages

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Spread of Live Casinos

Live casinos have become more and more widespread in recent years thanks to the latest technology. The fast internet connections make high-quality transmissions possible. Due to the streaming in real time, a true casino feeling can be transported. The live casino is a great success and the offer continues to grow. But what distinguishes it from the other online casino games? And can it really compete with a real casino? Some claim that the Live Casino offers more fun and entertainment. But is that really true? To find the answers, you should always look at the advantages and disadvantages beforehand. We have written down the most important information for you in this guide. You have to decide whether all the points apply to you. After all, it always depends on your own opinion and personal preferences.

Responsible gaming in the Live Casino

Live casino games are always games of chance. It is like playing slots in an online casino. You should be aware that only chance and fortune decides. Therefore, play responsibly and expect losses. It is never an option to go into debt or take a loan for a game. You will find another guide to responsible gambling in our guide sections. It also contains information on how you can identify problem gambling yourself. You should check this regularly so you can detect it in time. Then it is no problem to do something about it. It is important to take measures to avoid being exposed to the danger of addiction. If you play responsibly, you will have more fun. And so you can enjoy the authentic atmosphere in the Live Casino.

The most important advantages of Live Casinos

One of the biggest advantages that a live casino has over a real casino is convenience. Apart from a visit to Las Vegas, where the walk from the hotel room to the casino is very short. But this does not correspond to the typical everyday situation. On the internet, you don’t have to leave the house and wear a dress code. With the change in technology, you don’t even have to go home, you can play anywhere on your smartphone.

You pick up your PC, smartphone or tablet and you’re ready to go. It can’t get any easier than that. And once you’re registered, you can log in within seconds. What’s more, you can find all your favourite games at a glance and quickly. The real casino is especially busy on weekends. Then you have to wait for a seat at a gaming table. All you can do is watch. Then you go home and have had no chance to place a bet yourself. This means you have no chance of taking home any winnings.

Large selection of games on the Internet

If you choose to play online, you can bet on many different games. The game selection is huge and there is always a seat left at one of the gaming tables. There are no long waits on the Internet. You don’t have to watch others playing either. You can sort through the games and search for your favourites. Depending on what you want to play, you can choose them according to the minimum stake. This way you can quickly find virtual game partners who play at the same level. The classic table games such as Blackjack, Roulette or Baccarat are always offered in the live casinos. Sometimes there are also some exciting new entertainment games to choose from, such as Monopoly Live or Dreamcatcher. They provide variety and can only be found on the internet.

Play online around the clock

If you want to go to the real casino, you have to follow their opening hours. So it can happen that you would like to play but have to wait. That can’t happen on the Internet. Here, the casino is open around the clock and you can play at any time. But you should set yourself a time limit. Ideally, you should take breaks from time to time. This helps you keep track of your gambling behaviour. You will also find all the information you need on responsible gambling.

The online offer does not restrict you in any way. You can play on your way to work or at home. No matter what time of day it is and, above all, no matter where you are. Playing regardless of location is of course quite pleasant. You can also use it as a pastime on the road. The live casinos did not work very well in the mobile version in the beginning. But the optimisation for use in the mobile browser has changed it. If you have a good internet connection, playing on tablet and smartphone is possible without restrictions. The quality is impeccable and fun.

Live croupiers provide a real casino feeling

Of course, the live croupiers provide the special feeling. They transport the unique flair of a real casino directly over the screen. You might even forget for a moment that you are not sitting directly at a table. For many, the live dealers give a better feeling than the slot machines. They are checked regularly, but the processes of the random number generator are not visible. The dealers in the live casino, on the other hand, can be seen from different camera perspectives. In addition, their professionalism convinces you that things are really serious.

The live croupiers also convey a relaxed atmosphere while playing. You have the feeling that the game is a little quieter in the live games. After all, the cards have to be shuffled and dealt. It also takes a moment for each player to place a bet. With the computer-controlled games in the online casino it is always much quicker. Those who play to pass the time can enjoy the peace and quiet of the game with a live dealer even more.

International opponents at the gaming table

At any given time, a wide variety of players can be sitting at the same table. This makes it more exciting when customers from different countries join in the game. Some providers have a function with which you can chat with the others. International opponents sitting in different cities and countries is something special. In doing so, you play a common game with them. Of course, this also happens when you play in Las Vegas. The whole world meets there in the casino. But if you go to the nearest casino, you find rather the opposite. You sit at the gaming table with competitors you may know. That makes relaxed gaming rather unrealistic.

Disadvantages of Live Casinos

Of course, there are not only advantages, but also disadvantages. A big disadvantage is certainly that you are always sitting in front of a screen. As practical as it is, it is simply something else. However, the live croupiers do their best to convey the flair of a real casino. This is certainly due to the fact that a visit to the casino is always something special. For one thing, it’s the location. Also, you don’t do it every day. This makes every visit special and an experience on its own.

Real casinos are an experience

The land-based casinos have created an upscale partly really classy ambience. This makes the visit very special, maybe as well because of the dress code. The atmosphere among the guests is always intoxicating and you quickly become enthusiastic about a game. Especially when the other players at the table are in a good mood. Of course, this cannot be reproduced on the screen. Neither can the interaction with the others at the table and the eye contact with a croupier. Of course, the game should be in the foreground. But still, everything else that happens on the spot is part of the entertainment.

Summary of advantages and disadvantages

Of course, you have to decide for yourself which advantages and disadvantages outweigh for you. It is certainly best to enjoy the advantages from both sides. The Live Casino on the Internet in everyday life. And then, on special occasions, the unique experience of a real casino visit. The offers on the internet are easy to test, you just have to register and you can start playing. The experience gives you the best feeling whether you like it or you would rather go for another choice. The main thing is that you have fun and feel well entertained.


Play around the clock

Play regardless of location

Language selection

Experienced live croupiers

No dress code



Playing on screen

No direct interaction possible

Lack of experience

5.0 rating
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