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Live casinos on mobile devices

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Live casinos on tablet and smartphone

Online casinos are now an integral part of everyday life for many. You can play the slots in between or simply when you are on the go. But this is not at all a matter of course. Until a few years ago, it was not possible to play on the go. You had to have special software on your computer to start the games. Of course, the digital world has changed in recent years. With smartphones, the internet was available everywhere. Customers of online casinos have adapted their gaming behaviour to the new possibilities.

Gaming providers have reacted to this and also changed. Tablets and smartphones are now standard in almost every household. The first mobile casinos were developed especially for this. The big providers were the first to change. Today, every online casino has a mobile-optimised version. This enables them to offer customers the best possible gaming experience in the mobile browser.

On the road with the Live Casino

In the past, you still had to make your way to a real casino to play. Slot machines were then found in the bars nearby. Today, you can access the selection of casino games anytime and anywhere. Especially since the invention of tablets and smartphones, more customers are taking advantage of the offer on the road. Mobile internet is now available everywhere. This means that all the prerequisites are fulfilled for accessing the Live Casino on the go. The classic table games with the live croupier will delight you everywhere.

You don’t have to orientate yourself to any opening hours, but play whenever you want. The easiest way is to already have a customer account. Then you can open the website of your online casino in your mobile browser. You have to log in with your data. Afterwards you can access the entire selection of games. If you’re lucky, you can bring home a win.

Live games on hold

Every day you have to wait for the train or the bus. Especially the way to work is often not used. But you can play games while you are on public transport. At the supermarket you have to wait at the checkout because it’s very busy. Alternatively, you might have to wait until the food you ordered is ready for take away. And so there is always a waiting time. You can just let the time pass. Or you can use the time for entertainment. On your smartphone you can just have a bit of fun.

This shortens any waiting time and furthermore you have the chance to win. Live games can be a great diversion. If you play while you’re waiting, you’ll have more time at home to spend with friends and family. You might even win, if you’re luky. You quickly forget the annoying waiting time while you’re having fun with it.

Mobile gaming is changing

It is quite interesting to see how the mobile offers of the providers have changed over the years. At first, the focus was more on small games like scratch cards or slots. The reason for this was that people only played for a short time on their mobile phones. A few quick rounds in between and they have been done. Sufficient time was rarely available. Many only used it to kill some time. The live games were integrated because more and more customers asked for them. Today, with good internet connections, you can receive high-resolution streaming on your smartphone. This makes the live casino a highlight of mobile gaming.

Slots are still popular. For live games you need more time and good network coverage. On the road, you can quickly lose internet connection. In a live game, this means you no longer participate in the game. But if you’re sure the connection will stay, it’s worth streaming on the move. The quality is so good that it is easily visible even on a small screen. Live casinos are fun even when you’re on your way. However, the better casino flair comes across on a larger screen at home. There you have the feeling of really sitting at the gaming table. If you play on the road, you should consider setting a time limit. This will help you to control your gaming behaviour. If you play several times throughout the day, the time can add up unknowingly.

Security in mobile live casinos

On the one hand, the online casinos have all optimised their websites. By now, they are displayed ideally, especially for touchscreens. But apart from the platforms, the games had to be adapted first. Many slots have been on the market for a few years. Therefore, some were not exactly suitable for mobile use. But the software manufacturers quickly adapted the software. As a result, almost every game can now be played ideally on the move. In addition, investments have been made in high security measures and technical development. This means that you can play safely in the mobile live casino at any time. The best mobile live casinos are listed on We test and evaluate every single provider that we recommend at the end. So you don’t have to search for them, but you have a whole selection of reputable providers.

Find a reputable Mobile Live Casino

If you want to play in a mobile live casino, choose an online casino you know. If you already have an account with a provider, this is the easiest way. You can log in directly with your customer data. You save yourself the registration process. Maybe you have credit on your customer account. In that case, you don’t have to deposit real money. Thanks to the mobile browser, your online casino is always accessible even when you’re on the go. And they offer you the same large selection of games and live casino as on the PC.

If you haven’t played on the internet before, you need to pay attention to a few more things. Generally, we have our own guide on how to choose a reputable online casino. This also applies to mobile live casinos. The most important thing is always to choose a reliable provider. The provider should be licensed and attach importance to security. Then you can choose which bonuses are attractive for you. And many differ in the user interface. Once you have decided, you can register. This can also be done from your smartphone. But remember that your account must be verified.

Loss of mobile device

You should always make sure that your smartphone is password protected. Losing your mobile phone can otherwise have serious consequences. The same applies to a tablet if someone finds it and, for example, the access data to the gambling site is saved. The finder could easily play with the respective account and your credit. By the time you notice, everything may have been gambled away and nothing is left. For this reason, you should not save the password for the customer account, but enter it again each time.

No stranger should be able to access the saved data. Since the devices are usually locked, it’s rare that someone can use it without a problem. It also gives you a better feeling of security. Then you can have fun in the live casino and that is the main thing.

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