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Mobile casinos on the go

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Introduction of mobile casinos

When the first online casinos came onto the market, it was something of a revolution in the industry. No one could imagine how the market would develop. In the end, a huge market has developed. There are now many different providers worldwide. The advantages over classic casinos outweigh the disadvantages. Game selection is huge and it is more convenient. You don’t have to leave the house, you can just play from home.

But technology does not stand still. It continues to develop and nowadays everyone has a smartphone. So it’s no surprise online casinos are also evolving. The behaviour of customers has changed. More and more are now logging into their accounts while on the move. The first mobile casinos quickly appeared on the market. These are optimised versions of the casino pages. The offer can be accessed at any time while on the move. Mobile casinos are thus the adaptation to new technologies. Finally, the mobile phone providers have improved the mobile internet. In the past, the signal was too poor to receive games on a smartphone.

Today, the quality of the slots is impeccable on the smartphone or tablet. The games are comparable to those on the PC. The online casinos have optimised their mobile casinos and the use with the touch screen is self-explanatory. For this, the developers have reprogrammed the slot machines. This was done very quickly. After a short time, you could no longer notice any difference in the mobile offer.

What exactly are mobile casinos?

Mobile casinos are, in short, the further development of online casinos. In the past, you sat down at a PC and played your favourite games. Now you have them with you at all times on your smartphone. You can log in comfortably with your customer data. This way you have access to your credit at any time. So playing for real money is possible anytime and anywhere.

Life has become faster and we are busier than ever before. We try to use our time efficiently. Especially on the bus or train, we use smartphones for this. At that moment, you might like to play a round of your favourite game. Do you organise your life digitally on your phone? Then you can also collect your favourite games on it.

Advantages of the Mobile Casino

The online casino has its advantages compared to the land-based casino. Like every advancement, there are now advantages in the mobile casino. They are the reason why more and more customers use it.

In the past it was comfortable to play from your sofa. Today you don’t even have to arrive on the sofa. The smartphone or tablet is always at hand. You always have it with you and it’s easy to pick up and play with. It’s the most convenient way to play for real money. With a little luck, you can play a slot in between and win money. In the past, you had to sit down at your PC. Today, you no longer have to wait until you get home. You can enjoy the gaming fun during your lunch break. Or when you’re on your way. Today, you can play a little game several times a day instead of sitting in front of the screen for a long period of time.

Another advantage is the games in the mobile casino. First, all games were optimised for mobile devices. Afterwards even some software developers focused on mobile gaming. For example, NetEnt first publishes its games in the mobile version. Only then does the variant for the PC come onto the market. There are now even developers who produce mobile-only games. This is a sign the trend is moving further in the direction of mobile gaming. There is already a lot of access from mobile devices. Apparently, the demand is so high it is not worth programming a normal desktop version. This means, in the future customers will access the offer more from mobile devices.

The choice is considerable. It is now just as large as on the PC. But if there are now mobile-only games, the offer will grow. Then there will soon be even more slots in mobile casinos. The extensive offer already includes:

  • Slots, such as classic slots, video slots, 3D slots and jackpot slots.
  • Table games, for example roulette, baccarat or blackjack
  • Poker in its various forms
  • Small games, such as craps, keno, bingo and scratch cards

Look at the games as a version on the desktop and on the smartphone. Then you will notice the differences. This is mainly due to the optimisation. The controls are ideally located for finger access. If the smartphone is in your hand, you are not as flexible in the operation. The key combinations have migrated to the playing field itself. The touch screen works differently than the game on the desktop. Customer-friendly operation is always in the foreground.

The online casinos compete with each other with the bonus promotions. When you register, a large welcome package is already waiting for you. There are many promotions again and again. Due to the popularity of mobile gaming, there are even additional offers. So if you play mobile, you can benefit from additional bonuses. This is an advantage you can use again and again after registering. The additional bonuses in the mobile casino give you more gaming fun. Because more credit means more frequent play without risk.

Technological progress

The advancement of technology has led to mobile casinos coming onto the market. Especially smartphones, which are comparable to small computers. They have high-resolution displays and can play games without any problems. Graphic displays have become better and better. That would have been a problem with the first mobile phones. But now the phones are very well equipped. So you can experience the games as if you were sitting in front of a big screen.

Mobile internet connections

Improving internet speed is a major factor in the success of mobile casinos. In the past, the speed of the internet was much slower. Even large amounts of data could only be transmitted with difficulty. Mobile phone contracts were limited. With flat rates and much faster transmission, gambling has become easy. An internet connection at home is no longer necessary. However, it is even easier with home internet. The mobile device can dial into the WiFi. This even gives you access to high-speed internet. At the same time, you save data volume and still have fun playing.

Mobile Browser

The HTML5 mobile browser is a modern technology. The browser is powerful and saves a separate app for many sites. You don’t have to download a casino app. You can play easily in the mobile browser. The apps compress a programme for the smartphone. If you have too many apps your phone performance will be affected. We use a lot of apps anyway to organise our calendar, contacts, online banking and more. Social media often takes up a lot of power with apps too. With HTML5, you can save storage capacity and play directly in the browser. The quality does not suffer, but you get a smooth playback. You save an additional download. However, it will cost you some data volume. For this reason, you should always use WiFi if possible.

Different operating systems

It doesn’t matter whether you use iOS or Android. The optimised mobile casinos run equally well on the different operating systems. If you use an Apple device, you can still find a few casino apps in the App Store. You can download them to have access to the games. It also works well in Safari. The mobile browser on the iPhone or iPad is just as fast. You won’t find any casino apps in the Play Store. Real money gambling is not allowed there. So if you use Android, you have to go directly to the browser. Even though the iPhone is one of the best-selling phones, there are more Android users. The sites are designed for both systems. No matter what you use, your gameplay will not be affected.

Security in the Mobile Casino

The security of your data is an important issue. Mobile casino providers are always up to date. The security measures and encryptions are of the highest standard. So you don’t have to worry about your data. When using smartphones and tablets, viruses are much less likely to occur. You are not only entering your personal data, but also banking information. To protect you as a customer, various payment options are offered. You can then decide for yourself what you want to choose. The e-wallets are particularly secure, as you hardly have to disclose any information about your bank account. All online casinos you can find here have been tested for their security. Mobile gaming is just as safe as on the desktop, if not safer.

Conclusion on mobile casinos

Mobile gaming is becoming more and more popular. The online casinos have reacted to the trend and offer you good solutions. Mobile casinos even have some advantages. So it’s worth trying out games on your mobile phone. The entire selection of games is reproduced in the best quality. There are even some slots which can only be played on mobile. It’s worth a try. Especially the easy start in the mobile browser. You just have to select the page. Log in with your user data or open a new account. And you’re ready to play. If you haven’t topped up your credit yet, you can do so on your smartphone. Select a payment method, deposit real money and use the bonus. Afterwards all you have to do is choose the slot you want to play. Good luck and, above all, good entertainment.

5.0 rating
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