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Suitable devices for mobile casinos

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Find the best device available for online gaming

Thanks to modern technologies, mobile casinos are now more popular than ever. You can access the game selection and be entertained anywhere, anytime. The smartphones have many advantages for mobile gambling. Even the quality is comparable to the games on the PC. But there are still situations that speak for the desktop version. It depends on your personal equipment. We explain how good the quality is. Especially that the smartphones have high computing power and therefore do not interfere with the flow of the game. And of course that the displays are high-resolution. But you have to have one of the most modern models. If you still have an older mobile phone, the information may differ.

With our information, you can decide whether you want to play in the mobile casino or on your PC. Both are convenient, although the smartphone is certainly more convenient. But there are certainly more questions that come up when you think about it. Maybe you’re wondering what mobile casinos are all about. What are the advantages of mobile casinos? And is there a difference between iOS and Android games? You will find detailed answers to these questions in our guide. Below we look at the best devices for playing casino games.

Mobile devices for mobile casinos

There are a variety of devices you can use on the move. Mobile casinos are designed for almost all different systems. The focus is, of course, on iOS and Android devices. This is simply because they are used the most worldwide. The optimisations of the pages are especially oriented towards the display in their mobile browsers. The use of smartphones and tablets is increasing. A slow or incorrect display on the screens could ruin all the fun. Mobile devices of all kinds are supported, including:

  • Apple iPhone and iPad
  • Mac OS X
  • Android devices
  • Windows Phone

We distinguish between smartphone and tablet devices. The individual operating systems are not as relevant in this guide.

Mobile Casinos with Smartphone

You probably own a smartphone. Hardly anyone today does not have one with them. The mobile casinos have geared themselves precisely to this. Today, everyone has a smartphone with internet access. This makes it possible for you to access the games of the online casinos at any time. You are sure to find a mobile casino that meets your expectations among the countless providers.

The smartphone has the great advantage that you always have it with you. You use it in your everyday life and always have it in your pocket. When you want to play, it is just a flick of the wrist and it is ready. It’s just as easy to start a game and play it on the go. If you’re on the road a lot, maybe commuting to work every day, then the smartphone is ideal for gambling. You can use the commute and play. This gives you more free time and no wasted time. Instead of sitting at your PC in the evening and playing, you arrive home and have already completed your rounds of games. You can then spend that time with friends or family. In this way, you have gained even more social value.

The smartphone has not only advantages, but also negative aspects. When you play casino games on your mobile phone, you use up your battery very quickly. You should therefore make sure that it is always fully charged. You don’t want your mobile phone to run out of power when you need it. The display is simply smaller than on other devices. The resolution is excellent, but the size of the screen is the smallest.

Mobile casinos with tablet

Tablets are not quite as commonplace as smartphones. But actually they have all the same functions as the small phones. You can download all the apps and use the mobile browser as usual. They are not quite as handy, but that is an advantage. They have a much larger display. That can be important when playing. Some casino games consist of more than just the reels that spin. Especially the video slots of the new generation. There is a lot going on around them. If you can watch it on a bigger screen, it’s better for your eyes. The experience is simply different than on the small touchscreen of the mobile phone.

The disadvantage is the size, as already mentioned. The screen is more comfortable, but it’s less practical to take with you. At home, it’s a wonderful substitute for the laptop. You can lie comfortably on your sofa and the tablet is then easier to hold than a laptop. You have a big screen and it’s mobile. So if you commute to work every day, you can use the tablet on a longer trip. With a sim card, you can access the internet and start games on the go. However, it is much more conspicuous than the smartphone. You shouldn’t necessarily take out your tablet when you’re at work. It might be obvious that you are playing instead of working.

Online casino in the mobile browser

It doesn’t matter whether you choose the smartphone or the tablet. With both, you need to know where to find mobile casinos. The easiest solution is the mobile browser. The casino providers have adapted their pages to the HTML5 browser software. This means that nothing stands in the way of your gaming fun. You no longer need an extra download and can simply go to your favourite casino. There you can log in for the first time or use your customer data to log in. The many games of the online casinos are already available on the go. This saves storage space and you still don’t have to miss out on your entertainment. It makes it easy to switch between different providers. In case you don’t find the game you are looking for.

When you play here, all you need is a good and fast internet connection or WiFi. You don’t have to download anything, but the games are streamed directly in the browser. For the smooth running of a game, there should be no interruptions in the data transfer.

Playing in the mobile casino apps

You’ll find a few of the big casinos in the App Store. They have developed their own app so you can play easily and quickly. The apps need a lot of storage and, in the end, also a stable internet connection for the large selection of games. Most providers focus more on mobile browsers. This is due to the fact that you can only find and use the casino apps as an iOS user. If you have an Android smartphone, you won’t find anything in the Play Store. Because real money games are not allowed there. Only free games may be offered. Casino apps can therefore no longer be offered. Every user can select the casinos via the mobile browser. Thus, it is not worthwhile for the providers to concentrate on the apps.

Tips for Mobile Casino Entertainment

You should definitely make sure that you only play at reputable casinos. There are always dubious providers, but you will notice this if you pay attention to a few points. With the reputable providers you can find here on, your data is safe and you can play with peace of mind.

Make sure you have a good internet connection or, ideally, WiFi so that your gameplay is not interrupted.

You should choose a casino that has a wide range of games for you to choose from. Even if you want to concentrate on your favourite slot at the beginning, you should not get bored at some point. The renowned providers have many software developers on offer and therefore a variety of games.

The bonus is an important feature that differentiates casinos. Make sure you choose a casino where you can benefit from it. Many offer their own bonuses for mobile casinos. Otherwise, the same promotions apply as in the online casino. With the free credit of a casino you can play without risk and have more game rounds than usual. After all, the fun and entertainment are in the foreground.

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